Puppy goes A’Blogging: Introducing Duncan!

Hi, everyone!  My name is Duncan and I am a blue heeler puppy!  Mom is busy…I think she must be reading that Stephen King guy AGAIN…I mean, can you imagine?  She is more obsessed with King and his books than I am over my squeaky toys…how can anything be better than a squeaky toy?  Well, except for blogging…maybe.

Ok, about me.  Like I said before, I am a blue heeler puppy.  I was born on 8/4/14.  So I think that makes me about 4 dog years or so.  Mom and Dad got me from a farm in Cross, SC.  I had lots of brothers and sisters, and it was hard to leave them.  But I think I like my new home.  These people are ok, so I might stay for a while.

Here is me after Mom and Dad brought me home.  I was really scared…I mean, I wouldn’t even walk around on my own or anything!  Mom and Dad were worried about me, but I am doing a lot better now.

Duncan 1

Here I am now.  The people at the vet said I weigh about 23 lbs…can you believe how big I am getting?  But I don’t like the vet…they give me shots…ouch!

critters 1 001

Enough about me (for now, you can never really get enough about me, actually).  I have a dog sister, a dog brother, a cat sister and a cat brother.  Wow!  I don’t know how Mom does it…sometimes she can get pretty overwhelmed with all of us.  But she is awesome the rest of the time.

Here is my big brother Rowdy.  I think he really likes me but thinks I am pretty annoying sometimes.  He plays with me.  But he likes to yell at me.  He yells a lot.

critters 1 003

This is Igloo.  Mom said she is really old and I need to be nice to her.  But I have so much fun playing with her.  I think she does too.  Growling is a happy noise, right?

critters 1 007

Here is my cat sister Harley.  Harley likes to be on Mom’s lap.  A lot.  But too much lap time is unhealthy.  So I try to help Mom out and make Harley get off her lap.  I know Mom would much rather pay attention to me than to pet Harley all the time anyway.

critters 1 009

My cat brother Homer.  Mom says he really likes us, he just shows it in a funny way.  I don’t understand why she gets so excited when Homer sits down next to her.  Silly cats…we dogs lick faces and jump on our Mom and Dad so they know we always love them.

critters 1 011

Mom said I was named after some guy in this cartoon that Dad really likes, called Masters of the Universe.  He was called Man at Arms but his name was really Duncan.  I think Mom and Dad are kind of nerdy.  Especially Mom.  But that’s ok.  Dad seems to really like nerds, so yay for nerds!

man at arms

Oh boy, I think Mom is in the kitchen and she will be cooking!  Just between you and me, she spills a lot when she cooks.  It’s a good thing I am around to help clean up when she does.  I know she likes the floor clean and I keep her feet warm by sitting on them when she is in the kitchen…what would she do without my help?  So gotta cut this short…more from me later!


Duncan, the pup at arms.


One thought on “Puppy goes A’Blogging: Introducing Duncan!

  1. This made me smile and cry then smile then cry then smile then… I miss my doggie, but other people’s dogs still make me happy and give me hope for the world!

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