Yes Calvin, there is such thing as a New Year’s Resolution!

I don’t normally make New Year’s Resolutions.  In fact, you could say I’m kind of like this guy about New Year’s resolutions:

Calvin and Hobbes

I mean, I’m pretty great, right?  I have lost weight.  I have a somewhat satisfying career.  My finances are slowly shaping up.  I exercise and eat right for the most part.  Did I mention how modest I am too?

But this year I am making a resolution.  And its one I intend to stick with, no matter what else happens during the year.  There will be no excuses.  Whatever it takes to keep this resolution, I will do it.  Nothing can stop me.

And now we get to the good part.  I am sure you are holding your breath to find out what this resolution is and why I will stop at nothing to keep this resolution.  So, are you ready for it?  Here goes nothing…

I plan on re-reading Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series (and blogging about it, like any sensible person would).  All eight books to include even Wind Through the Keyhole.  I plan on starting with The Gunslinger (in the past I used to skip this one but I have realized my errant ways) and working my way through the entire series.  Gasp…I live on the edge, I tell you!

And I plan on reading the REVISED edition of The Gunslinger, while we are on the subject of living dangerously.  Rumor has it that I am missing out if I don’t take that plunge, so I am diving in headfirst.

I know I have taken this journey a few times in the past, but its been awhile.  I need to check in with Roland.  Share some chuckles with my main man Eddie Dean.  And coo over Oy, since he is so darn precious!


I know I have taken the journey before, but I have to see if it will turn out differently this time.  After all, didn’t Roland remember to take the horn this time?  That means things will turn out differently, right?  Will our tet get a happy ending?  Maybe Roland won’t let Jake die this time.  Maybe they will skip Blaine and take a different route on the quest.  Maybe Eddie will let his demons nearly overcome him though…hey, it could be different, couldn’t it?  Right…

dark tower

But seriously, isn’t the Dark Tower series all about redemption?  Isn’t there a message in it that we all have a chance, no matter what awful deeds we do?  And what better time to start a series about redemption at the start of a new year, which is all about redemption, as we are told we all have a clean slate, and anything is possible?  So why not start the New Year with a resolution that I am looking forward to enormously…it will be a reunion of sorts, even if somewhat bittersweet, as I have taken the journey before, and while I may believe things will turn out differently this time, deep in my heart of hearts I know this is not true.  But even though I know I will face heartbreak, this reunion with old friends will be well worth it.


So to both all of the readers of this little old blog, I wish you a happy and safe New Year!  I will be back next year, ready to ramble some more!



3 thoughts on “Yes Calvin, there is such thing as a New Year’s Resolution!

  1. What can I say, I’ve made the same resolution – but it also involved many, many other books too. And, I’m going to get my eyes checked so that I can read faster (they are going so I may also learn to read braille – but not just yet!). A fine post. Long nights…what have you.


    • Awesome. I hope that you can get to reading what you want to read. Not being able to read would suck. Here’s to hoping your New Year is filled with happy literary adventures!


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