Man Crush Monday for 4/13/15

Good morning everyone, and I hope you all are doing well on this day known as Monday, aka Saturday and Sunday’s spinster sister that can’t get a date no matter how hard she tries!

But there is one great thing about Monday…

Yep, you guessed it:  its time for Man Crush Monday, in the extremely nerdy style that is this blog!

Man Crush Monday 1

Speaking of nerdy, it was not easy growing up nerdy.  Especially in small town Indiana.

Yep, you guessed.  Like every other nerd out there, I experienced quite my fair share of bullying growing up.  And being smarter than most of my teachers…well, lets just say this could leave trouble.  Big trouble, at times.


So, I spent a lot of time fending off trouble.  And I was a loner too.  Something about being smart does not usually lead to friendships and instantaneous popularity.

But that was not actually all bad for me.  I had my imagination, which was (and still is) better company that most all  people.  And I had my animal friends.  The animal friends were also better company that most all people.

And books.  Of course.  Always the books.  I spent copious amounts of time at the library, reading anything and everything I could get my hands on.  Getting an adult library card was way more exciting than finally turning 21.

And of course, Stephen King.  He was a big part of my time spent at the library.  I feverishly read almost anything I could find that he had written, and it seemed that I flew through a book a week.  I could not get enough of the man and his books.

When I was 12, my addiction to King started when I saw the TV mini series It.  I was scared to death of Pennywise when I watched Tim Curry’s performance (which is still classic).  I then figured out that this was based on a book, and I bought a copy.  And so it started.


I read It in less than a week.  All 1000+ pages of it.  And I loved it.  It was scary and suspenseful.  The characters were realistic.  I loved the history King gave of Derry, and was pretty disappointed to find out Derry wasn’t real.  And the setting in the 1950’s resonated with me, it made my parents’ talk of their childhood resonate with me a little more.

Losers club 1

And, there was The Losers Club.  I loved that all the bullied kids in one town formed a club, and stood together to face both the human and non-human monsters in their lives.  And the friendship that they formed was so endearing.  I could tell just from King’s words how much the Losers really loved each other.  I imagined myself as one of them (which was not far off, as Beverly Marsh is a fellow ginger of above average height) and hanging out in their underground clubhouse.  I imagined myself going to library with Ben and checking out books.  Or listening to Bill read one of his stories.  The Losers were probably the coolest people I knew from my childhood.  And they still are.


I also love to laugh.  And so did the Losers.  And most of the laughter was provide by…

None other than the subject of this week’s Man Crush Monday…Richie Tozier!

Richie 2

Yes, it is safe to say I developed a bit of a crush on Richie (although Ben and Bill had special places in my heart as well).  But there is just something about a guy that can make me laugh.  What can I say, laughter is sexy?

And Richie was smart.  And compassionate.  And he was brave, willing to do anything for his friends to help beat Pennywise.  The whole package, in other words.

So without further ado, I give you Richie “Records” Tozier!

Richie Tozier

Name:  Richard Tozier.  Known as Richie, or sometimes affectionately called Trashmouth.

Profession:  Radio DJ and comedian.  Known for being create characters out of thin air, such as The Irish Cop and Bufford Kissdrivel.  He also does voices for these characters, bringing them to life.  This is a craft he has been honing annoying everyone around him to death  since childhood.

Known associates:  The Losers Club.  Seven is a lucky number, after all.

The Turtle, although this particular “reptile” is a bit useless times and can’t always help.

Maturin 1

Has also been known to associate with a certain mysterious time traveler.

Hobbies;  Laughter, of course!  He also enjoys giving his friends a hard time, especially poor Stan the Man, whom he picks on for being Jewish.  Also thinks rock and roll is okey-dokey.

Can also do the “lindy hop.”  See section on friends.

Enemies:  Pennywise the Dancing Clown.  Obviously.  Although, to be fair, Pennywise does not really make friends with anyone he meets.

Henry “Banana Heels” Bowers.  See section on bullying.

Henry Bowers

Nearly every adult he encountered during childhood.  See nickname.  Although a certain Irish cop is more of a frenemy than anything else.

Weapon of choice:  Sneezing powder.  Somehow, this is a preferred weapon of choice against certain shape-shifting werewolf creatures that wear Derry High School letter jackets.

Richie 3


Here you go ladies…Richie Tozier!  Beep beep er you are welcome!  He loves music, and plays allllll the hits!  Is up for almost anything on a date, except going to a Chinese restaurant and being served fortune cookies!  He also does not enjoy anything related to Paul Bunyan AT ALL!

Paul Bunyan

That’s it for this week’s Man Crush Monday.  Tune in next week as we talk some more about our feelings for fictional men!




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