Man Crush Monday 4/27/15

Good morning everyone, and I hope your Monday is not too,..well…Monday-ish, for lack of a better word!  As we all know, Mondays belong in the same category as internet trolls!

troll 1

Wait, sorry Monday…I think you may be a little prettier than at least some of these trolls I have run across recently!

But don’t worry, its all good!

You guessed it, that’s right…the time has come…

…for this week’s version of Man Crush Monday!

Man Crush Monday 1

And I can tell you that the subject of this week’s Man Crush Monday is not a troll!  Far from it, in fact!


Sometimes, life just hands you lemons.  And sometimes, those lemons are just so…lemon-y!  Is it possible to be too lemon-y to even make lemonade?  I believe that it can be.  Maybe it doesn’t happen often, but sometimes you are just better chucking those damn lemons at someone’s head, and just going straight for the vodka and not watering it down.  For watering down can make it worse (this applies to both alcohol and life, actually).


Well, maybe its not that bad.  But sometimes it sure feels like it!


And I am sure the characters in Stephen King’s The Stand really didn’t feel much like lemonade.  After all, not even the best lemonade can cure a super flu virus that is 99.99% contagious and kills its victims within days.  And most victims are not even thinking about lemonade, especially towards the end!

Captain Trips

And I don’t think lemons would actually help very much against this guy either, no matter how hard you threw them!

Flagg 2

Pretty stubborn guy from what I understand…he can’t really leave anyone alone, not even friendly neighborhood gunslingers!

Flagg 1


When things get bad, sometimes we just need someone who will just tell us that everything will be ok..

Roland 2

Ok, kidding…maybe…

But, speaking of characters, The Stand has a few of those.  A lot of those actually.  The book is a giant ensemble of characters.  And they are fascinating.  Even the bad guys are awesome!

Trashy 1

And oh boy, the guys in The Stand…definitely worth crushing on!

Nick Andros 1



Sometimes, leaders come from unlikely places.  And are unlikely people as well…

Which leads me to the topic of this week’s Man Crush Monday post…

Ladies, I give you Stu Redman!

Stu 1

Look up strong, silent type in any dictionary, and you will find Stu’s picture.  Well, at least you would if Stephen King nerds like me ran the world!

Stu never wanted to lead anyone.  And like I said, he took strong, silent type to a new level.

So, of course Stu becomes a leader in a world that had been ravaged by Captain Trips, aka a flu virus that does not respond to lemonade or anything else, for that matter.  And his presence was comforting, even if he wasn’t necessarily one to tell that everything would be ok when you wanted to hear it (I wonder if he may have had more than a little gunslinger in him.  I wonder that a lot, actually).   In other words, Stu was never one to water down anything…and that is a seriously sexy quality to me! And he took on responsibility for a baby that was not his in the biological sense when he fell in love with the pregnant survivor…how much sexier can a guy get???

So time for us to drool over Stu Redman, subject of this week’s Man Crush Monday!


Name:  Stuart “Stu” Redman.  also answers to “East Texas.”

Profession:  Was laid off from a calculator plant in his previous life.  Occasionally worked at gas station, where he claimed to meet some interesting characters.  Was offered position in law enforcement after the apocalypse struck, but ended up resigning from that job.


Relationship status:  Widowed and stayed as single as they come until a very special lady came into his life.  See paragraph on why he is so sexy.

Friends:  Glen Bateman.  See section on nickname.

Mother Abagail.  Even leaders (especially when they don’t really want to be leaders) need a leader in their lives.

Larry Underwood.  As previously stated, some people don’t want to be leaders.  Misery loves company, in other words.

Ralph Brenter.  See above.

Tom Cullen.  M O O N spells unwitting rescuer.

Kojak.  Dogs really can be your best friend.

Enemies:  Even the sexiest of the sexy have enemies, so here are some of Stu’s:

Randall Flagg.  Although don’t hold that against poor Stu, as Flagg is disliked by almost everyone and everything.  And don’t get me started on Flagg’s luck with women and his unborn children.  In fact, you could say having sex with Flagg will drain the life right out of you.  And say goodbye to your hair coloring!


Harold Lauder.  Life can kind of suck for guys who have spent their lives lusting after a lady, only to realize that said lady would not choose them even if they were literally the last man on Earth.

Harold Lauder


So here you have it, ladies…Stu Redman!  Mmmm, mmm you are welcome, but lust after him at your own risk, as he is in a relationship with a lady who is definitely the jealous type!  Oh, and his lady probably needs him around any way, as someone has to help re-populate the planet!  But like they say, it never hurts to look!

Stu 2

And that’s it for this week’s Man Crush Monday.  Tune in next week and join me in lusting after more unavailable guys that we don’t have a chance with, aka the sexiest men from fiction!





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