Penny Dreadful Recap and Review: Season 2, Episode 9

Good afternoon, everyone and welcome to this week’s edition of the adult sundae bar, aka the show Penny Dreadful!

Now, we are getting towards the end of the line of the line on the sundae where we must go to the table and finish the ice cream, but that doesn’t mean the selection still isn’t good, and that there are not interesting concoctions to be had.  Which is actually what season 2, episode 9 was: an interesting concoction that was fun to sample!

sundae 1

With that being said, here is my review and analysis of Penny Dreadful, season 2, episode 9!

And, as always:

Homer spoiler



The episode begins with Roper paying a visit to Vanessa and Ethan at the cottage in the moores.  Roper shows the damage that Ethan has done to his face to Vanessa, and a scuffle ensues.  Roper is stabbed to death by Ethan.  Ethan and Vanessa then bury him the next morning, with Ethan stating that “it was either him or us.”  Victor Frankenstein, then appears at the cottage, and tells Ethan and Vanessa that they must return to London, as Malcolm is in trouble.

Evelyn and Malcolm 1

Malcolm remains in Evelyn Poole’s home, and is driven mad by visions of his late wife and children.

Ethan and Vanessa return to Malcolm’s mansion, where Inspector Rusk is waiting for Ethan.  Inspector Rusk tells Ethan that he knows his real name:  Ethan Lawrence Talbot.  Inspector Rusk also informs Ethan that he will soon have access to his military records, and that he is looking to arrest Ethan as soon as possible.  Inspector Rusk then leaves the mansion, promising that he will return soon.

Ethan Chandler 2

Ethan then meets with the others in the mansion.  Ferdinand Lyle is among them, and he has confessed his duplicity to Vanessa and Victor.  Ferdinand states that he will be willing to suffer the consequences of his duplicity, and that he is now willing to fight against Evelyn Poole and help rescue Malcolm.

Vanessa wants to go rescue Malcolm right way, but Sembene and Ethan advise her against taking any action.  Sembene suggests a raid the following day, as the witches are more powerful at night.

Victor confesses his drug addiction to Vanessa.  Vanessa offers him compassion, telling him that he will soon find true love.

Vanessa Ivers 3

Sembene encourages Ethan to tell Vanessa of his true nature, so that she may try to help him.  Ethan says that he thinks Vanessa knows almost everything anyway, but that he is hesitant to put her in danger.  Sembene tells Ethan that in his past life, he was slave trader, but he has found acceptance among Vanessa, Malcolm and now Ethan.  Sembene then thanks Ethan for his friendship, and reminds Ethan that the moon will be full that night.

Ethan returns to his room, where Hecate is waiting for him.  Hecate tries to draw Ethan to her side, stating that he is meant to use his wolf nature in collaboration with her own powers.  Ethan refuses her offer, and Hecate then kisses him, and disappears from the room via a mirror.

Vanessa decides to rescue Malcolm on her own, and leaves without her friends.  Ethan, Victor and Sembene then follow her to Mrs. Poole’s mansion.  Sembene again reminds Ethan of the full moon, but Ethan states that he will rescue Vanessa anyway, wolf or no wolf.  Ethan tells the group to shoot anyone who they don’t recognize.

Hecate and Evelyn torment Vanessa once she shows up at the mansion.  Evelyn tells Vanessa that Malcolm is going made.  Vanessa demands to be taken to Malcolm, but Evelyn tells her that she must meet her Master first.  Evelyn also reminds Vanessa that this being is Vanessa’s master as well.  Vanessa is brought into the room that contains the doll in her likeness.  The doll speaks, telling Vanessa that she is a murderer.

Caliban is working at the wax museum.  He speaks to Putney’s blind daughter, Lavinia.  Lavinia is curious about the new exhibit that her father is working on, and asks Caliban to take her to it.  Caliban sees only empty cages, and passes this information on to Lavinia.  Caliban then sees a book in one of the cages, and moves forward to pick it up.  Lavinia then traps Caliban in the cage, and begins to taunt him, saying that she was glad to trap him, as she felt that their discussions on poetry and so forth were “tedious.”  Mr. Putney then appears and tells Caliban that Caliban is part of a new display at the museum:  living “monsters”.  He also tells Caliban that he will charge people money that people will be willing to pay to see “monsters” such as Caliban, and that any escape attempts will be useless, as no one will be able to hear Caliban scream.

Proteus 1

Lilly returns with Dorian Gray to Dorian’s mansion.  The two begin to kiss, and Dorian addresses Lilly by her previous name:  Brona.  Lilly then demands to know Dorian’s secrets, and asks him how old he is and if he can die.  Dorian challenges her to find out, and Lilly then bites off a piece of his ear.  Dorian goes to the room that contains his picture, and returns fully healed.  The two then consummate their relationship.

Dorian Gray 1

Victor has become trapped in the same room as Malcolm at Evelyn’s mansion.  Malcolm is tormented by visions of his dead family members, while Victor is tormented by visions of Proteus, Lilly and Caliban.  Sembene becomes trapped by Hecate with Ethan.  Ethan changes into his werewolf form, and attacks and kills Sembene.


My Thoughts

Like I stated before, we are getting to the end of the line of the sundae bar.  And the closer we get to the end of the line, the greater the sugar rush becomes…

And this week’s episode was certainly a sugar rush, even if some of the offerings were bittersweet.

This episode contained plenty of shockers, but there were some “feelsies” as well.  You know, feelsies?  When you feel your eyes get that funny burning sensation?

ugly cry

Pesky, aren’t they?  Damn feelsies…

The scene before the attack on Sembene is great example of a “feelsie.”  Sembene knows that he will die after becoming trapped with the wolf version of Ethan.  Yet, he is willing and basically forgives Ethan before he gets mauled to death.  You don’t get much more “feelsie” than that.

werewolf 1


And speaking of “feelsies”, there is the matter of my favorite poetry quoting monster.  All along, I was thinking that poor Caliban’s biggest problem was Victor (aka douch incarnate).  But last night’s episode proved me wrong.  I wanted to scream at Caliban to not do it, its a trap.  But obviously, he didn’t hear my screams, and got locked in a cell by Putney and crew (and for the record, Putney is kind of close to PT Barnum.  So there, you heard it here first).  And the look on his face…that other noise you heard was probably my heart breaking wide open for that beautiful monster.

Caliban 1

And speaking of beautiful monsters, Penny Dreadful has been known to use a heavy hand when it comes to foreshadowing.  One example of this is an episode in season one, where Ethan is informed that Brona will change (due to her tuberculosis) and is asked how he will handle it.  He simply responds that he will love her for what she becomes.  And we all know what became of Brona.  And this week’s episode may have had another use of foreshadowing, when Vanessa calls Victor a beautiful monster.  Does this mean that Victor will be joining the ranks of Lilly and the poor unfortunate Caliban?  Will he be part of a “freak show”?  Something interesting is in store for douche incarnate  Victor, and I can’t wait to find out what that is.

Victor 1

And speaking of the un-creature formerly known as Brona (its Lilly now, lest we forget)…whoa.  Whoa.  WHOA.  WHOA!

Brona 1

Wow is an apt word too.  I actually can’t think of too many words to describe Lilly’s scene this week (although she did make me think of one of my favorite artists after I saw her stunt with Dorian).  This un-dead chic is pissed, and hell hath no fury like an un-dead chic scorned (well, maybe the original saying is a little different, but you get my drift)!  And Dorian is apparently the one who can figure out that this is Brona with blonde hair (shame on you, Vanessa!), so if we have team Dorilly (another one you heard here first.  Dig it), then there will be hell to pay.  And the payer will probably be Victor (although I think more than a few men have landed on Lilly’s shit list.  Don’t be mean to prostitutes, they may be resurrected from the dead with super human strength.  Remember that, gentlemen).  An un-dead monster with super human strength and a man who doesn’t age and who possesses the ability to heal almost instantaneously certainly do make a formidable team…actually, let’s just cut to the chase and say it:  here comes trouble!

Van Gogh 1

And trouble was a major theme in this episode, since it seemed everyone was in it, especially Malcolm, and now Vanessa.  And Vanessa was perfectly right to be afraid of dolls and dislike them, since they seem to be responsible for a lot of the trouble she and Malcolm find themselves in.  The show certainly ended on a cliffhanger, as nearly every single character was left in shit creek without a paddle.  The next episode promises to be explosive, to say the least, and my appetite has been whetted…I can’t wait!

Malcolm 1


So that’s it for this week’s recap and review of Penny Dreadful, season 2, episode 9!  Join me next week as we journey to the end of the sundae bar, to find out just what treats are store for us at the end of line!

Penny Dreadful 3


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