American Gods: Season 1, Episode 5 Recap and Review

In every relationship, there comes a crossroads of sorts.

I call it the “for keeps” moment.

In other words, you decide if the relationship is something that is permanent, or just a temporary fling.

And that moment is something easily recognized, by most us.

It could be a look.

Or a piece of jewelry.

Or a Batsy reference…

(In case you forgot what blog this is.)

And this weekend, it happened to me.

I have entered into a permanent relationship.

It is for keeps.

I am no longer a free woman…

Well, at least on Sundays!

In other words, I consummated my relationship with American Gods this Sunday.

(I am allowed to date outside my marriage, as long as it is a TV show, DC character or movie.  What can I say, my husband is cool!)

The acting, writing and dialog in this episode made me fall head over heels.  And I want to solidify my commitment to this beautiful show, gorgeous on both the inside and outside.

So, American Gods, let me pop the question…

Will you…

Allow me to dissect and review you?  Forever and ever?

Til death (or cancellation, shudder) do us part?

I’m gonna take that as a yes…

So, I am down on one knee, and present you my recap and review of episode 5, titled Lemon Scented You.

And, as always:


The episode opens with a group of people who migrate to the Americas from Siberia in the year 14000 B.C.E.  The group is led by a woman named Atsula.  The people worship an ancient god named Nunyunnini, and carry around an enormous white mammoth skull, which is the embodiment of Nunyunnini.

The people are able to find prosperity in the Americas under the guidance of Nunyunnini.  However,Nunyunnini’s people are eventually assimilated into other tribes, and the skull eventually disintegrates into the ground, as  Nunyunnini is long forgotten.

In the present, Shadow confronts Laura in his hotel room.  Shadow is not even surprised to see Laura, given all of the strange things that have happened to him in the past week.  Laura tells Shadow that she loves him, and kisses him briefly, along with apologizing for her actions in life.

Shadow and Laura’s reunion is interrupted, however, when Shadow and Wednesday are arrested by the local authorities for Wednesday’s robbery of the ATM.  Shadow is in shock and disbelief as he is taken to the police station for questioning.

In the meantime, Media confronts Technical Boy in regards to his attack on Shadow.  Media scolds Technical Boy for the attack, reminding him that using racially motivated violence against Shadow is not part of their mission, and demands that Technical Boy pass on an apology to Shadow, along with an entity she calls Mr. World.

Reluctantly, Technical Boy passes on the apology, although he still does not view Wednesday as a legitimate threat.

Back at the hotel, Laura waits for Shadow.  However, she is paid a visit by Mad Sweeney, who is angered by the fact that she has stolen his lucky coin.  However, the coin is lodged in Laura’s stomach, and Mad Sweeney is unable to retrieve it.  Mad Sweeney attempts to intimidate Laura, but she responds by attacking him, and demanding him information.

Laura also catches on to the fact that Sweeney cannot forcibly take the coin from him, and that in order for him to take the coin back, she must give him the coin of her own free will.

Mad Sweeney reveals to Laura that Wednesday told him to be at the bar when Shadow stopped there, and to pick a fight with Shadow.  Sweeney gave Shadow the wrong coin, which resulted in Laura’s resurrection.

Sweeney tries everything that he can to get his coin back, but Laura refuses.  Sweeney tells Laura that she will begin to decompose, and he will get the coin back then.  He attacks Laura, but is interrupted by the police, who are there to search Shadow’s room.  Laura then plays dead, and Sweeney is arrested and taken to the police station.

At the police station, Shadow and Wednesday are questioned.  Wednesday actually begins to tell the truth about his quest, much to the disbelief of the interrogating officer.  The cops also tell Shadow that Wednesday has a formidable enemy, as photographic evidence of the robbery was faxed to an outdated fax machine that the station no longer uses.

However, Wednesday and Shadow are freed by a tiny spider who picks the locks on their handcuffs.  Commotion ensues, and Wednesday looks afraid for the first time.

Media and the being known as Mr. World make their entrance into the police station. Wednesday warns Shadow not to speak to Mr. World, but Mr. World knows many intimate details in regards to Shadow’s life.

Mr. World then summons Technical Boy with a whistle.  Technical Boy reluctantly apologizes to Shadow for the attack on his life.  Mr. World offers to let Shadow beat up Technical Boy, but Shadow refuses the offer.

The New Gods then get down to business, and try to sway Wednesday to their side.  They tell him that they can get him fame and power, which is what Wednesday is looking for.  The New Gods then leave, telling Wednesday to take his time to think their offer over.

Technical Boy is furious at Media and Mr. World for simply leaving, but Media blows him a kiss, knocking out his teeth, before leaving.

Shadow and Wednesday escape the police station.  The New Gods have murdered all the officers, in their attempt to send a message to Wednesday in regards to the stakes of the battle.

My Thoughts

And believe me (no pun intended), there was lots of “ermahgerd” in this episode.

With careful decision, the winner of this week’s “ermahgerd award” is…

The woman of the hour…


This episode had plenty of great moments, not just with Media.

However, so many of those great moments featured Media in some way.

First of all, the confrontation between Media and Technical Boy at the beginning of the episode.

Media:  apologize to Shadow for being a racist jackass.

Technical Boy:  Awww, Mom, geez!  What are you talking about?

Media:  Apologize now, or no more internet for you!

Technical Boy:  This house is so unfair, I can’t wait to move out so you can’t tell me what to do!

Media:  And go clean your room!

Well, sort of.  The fact that Technical Boy got a dressing down in David Bowie lyrics, complete with the accent was just an added bonus to that scene.

Because, well, David Bowie lyrics.  I am sure they make pretty much anything sound much cooler than it actually is otherwise.

Speaking of which…

Again, Gillian Anderson is one of the greatest mimics.  If I closed my eyes, I would have thought I was listening to ole Stardust himself, she is just that good!

This show gets casting right.  Gillian Anderson is proof of that.

And Media was also involved in what was probably my favorite part of the episode…

That’s right, Media and Mr. World’s (more on him in a minute) grand entrance into the police station, in their effort to sway Wednesday to their side.

Oh, excuse me, my bad, it’s a merger!

The scene started off with Media floating into the room.

No walking for our girl.  You want to make an entrance?  If you do, you float!

Seriously, floating Media in was a great way for the writers of the show to communicate what Shadow and Wednesday are dealing with.

In other words, they are dealing with the unnatural.  And probably supernatural.  Beings who should not exist, but somehow exist anyway.

Of course, Media tells us what really happened to Marilyn Monroe (did I mention she took the form of Marilyn Monroe, per The Seven Year Itch?)

We know it was really wasn’t an overdose, it was the CIA, murdering her to silence her in regards to her affair with the president!

But Media was not alone this time.

We actually got our very first taste of Mr. World in that particular entrance.

Now, Media still gets the “Ermahgerd” award this week, but let us also talk about Mr. World for a moment, as played by Crispin Glover.

Now, Crispin has always struck me as a bit creepy (but with a name like Crispin, how could he not be?)

I saw him in Tim Burton’s mediocre attempt at bringing Alice in Wonderland to the screen.  And mediocre it was.  But Glover stood out in that one as the Knave of Hearts, and for the right reasons.  He brought a bit of menace to that character, and was the bright spot in a (again) mostly mediocre movie.

Well, Glover was apparently told to dial that up a notch for American Gods.  A notch or 17, actually.

I did not know that Glover had that much creepiness bottled up inside of him, just waiting to be unleashed, but for the right medium (or is it Media, teehee?) and the right audience.

So hats off to you, sir!

(See what I did there?  You are welcome!)

I felt the need to check my house after watching this episode, just to make sure Mr. World wasn’t in there, lurking…

Ready to spill intimate details…

No, the world does not need to know what my O Face looks like.  Or what I look like eating Cheetos, either.

And he danced into the room.

He danced!  DANCED!  WHO DOES THAT?!

But beneath the dancing, and the humor (we got to see Shadow’s masturbating face, teehee!) there was menace.

Lots of menace, actually.

World showed us unicorns and a pretty forest, but also satellites capable of causing mass destruction, in the name of keeping Wednesday appeased via a sacrifice.

And the speech on salsa.

Probably the greatest this I have seen on TV.  Maybe ever.

And sure, it sounded innocuous enough.

Salsa is like pudding:  everybody likes it.

But I could just hear the menace boiling beneath it.

The kind of menace that kicks puppies for licking his feet.

The kind of menace that makes kids stop crying, because he will definitely give them something to cry about, and no, they will pass on that.

And probably the kind of menace that would fax photographic evidence of a stealthy bank robbery to a never used fax machine in a police department in small, no name town that is practically off the map.

Although he did make his son (Technical Boy) apologize to Shadow.

And I loved Technical Boy (or do I love to hate him?) in this particular scene.

His apology was definitely a “sorry not sorry” one.

And he brings up the issue of race!

Technical Boy sounded like every white person (usually on the internet) who makes the statement “I’m not racist but…”

And then proceeds to say something really offensive, inaccurate and well…racist.

The fact that Technical Boy was wearing his hair in braids as he uttered that statement was perfect.  Just perfect.

As I keep saying, everything out of his pimple crusted mouth is douchy gold, and I love it.

Racist jackass, but still has to appropriate his victim’s culture.  Nearly always the case.

The ending of this episode.

Oh, the ending of this episode.

Just nuts, even for this show.

First off, I loved Media’s farewell to Technical Boy.

He pouts and has a tantrum because mom and dad won’t let him have his way.

So, he didn’t get David Bowie song lyrics for this outburst.

But Media did blow him a kiss.

That happened to knock his teeth out.

Flying out, in all their bloody glory.

Yet, somehow so fitting for that douchy, pimple crusted mouth.

The New Gods also left a message.

Several of them in fact.

In the form of dead bodies.

And a tree that attacked Shadow and Wednesday.

Parents, talk to your Groots about drugs!  If you don’t, the New Gods will give them the hook up!

The New Gods don’t play.

The stakes are high.

And I can’t wait to see more next week.

Well, that’s it for Lemon Scented You.

Join me next week for recap and dissection of episode 6, titled A Murder of Gods.

Tune in next week…

Same bat time, same bat channel!




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