The Mist: Episode 1 Recap and Review

First dates.

Aren’t they so grand?

Having to make small talk, and having to somewhat hide your “true self,” at least for…oh say…30 minutes of the date…

You know, like your obsession with a certain famous author, known in some circles as The Master

Well, the above describes how my first date with my now husband went.

It was a little awkward, having to make small talk.

And I did succeed in hiding my obsession with Stephen King for approximately 30 minutes (I think am being a little generous probably, but my memory eludes me on how quickly that topic came up.)

I am lucky girl, I have been married for nearly nine years to my understanding, awesome husband.  No more first date awkwardness.

I can be without my makeup and covered in dog hair and it’s okay.

Oh, and I no longer have to hide my Stephen King obsession.  In fact, he enables it…yay me!

However, I did have a first date of sorts this weekend…

No, I didn’t hang out with Raylan Givens or Jax Teller.  Or Aragorn.

I confess to spending a lot of time with my fictional boyfriends (my marriage is open like that) but that was not the case this weekend.

However, the subject of Stephen King did come up.

In fact, you could say that The Master was the subject of the date…gasp!

In other words, I watched the series pilot of the show The Mist.

And it was a little awkward.

A little uncomfortable at times.

Things felt a little forced and unnatural.

But, I still had fun, so it was not all bad.  Far from it, in fact.

And the pilot tried, it really did.  I see enough potential in it that I am willing to go out on another date, just to see where things go.

After all, without first dates, there would never be second dates.  Or third dates…

Or nine years and counting marriages…

Yeah, you get the point.

So, without further ado…

Let us review and dissect the pilot episode of The Mist.

And, as always:


The episode begins with an unconscious soldier who wakes up in  the woods next to a German shepherd.  The man has no memory of either himself or the dog.

The man searches through his belongings and determines that his name is Bryan Hunt, and that the dog’s name is Rufus.  However, Rufus begins to bark, and runs off into the forest.

Bryan follows the dog, and encounters a strange Mist.  Bryan also discovers Rufus’ corpse hanging from a tree, skinned alive.  Terrified, Bryan takes off running, and eventually ends up in the town of Bridgeville, Maine.

Bryan finds the police station, and tries to arm himself with the officers’ guns.  This causes the police to detain him in a jail cell, and the local police do not believe his warnings in regards to The Mist.

The next morning, the officers question Bryan, but he is unable to give them any information in regards to himself, as he appears to have amnesia.  One of the officers notices that Bryan appears to be employed by some place called Project Arrowhead, and tells Bryan that they will be contacting his employers.

We are then introduced to a woman named Eve Copeland.  Eve has been terminated from her teaching position due to the content in her sex education classes.  Eve’s husband Kevin is supportive of his wife, and offers to take a job in advertising to supplement the family’s income.  Eve refuses the offer, and states that she wishes to move away from Bridgeville, as she does not enjoy living in the town.

Eve and Kevin attend a high school football game with their teenage daughter Alex, and Alex’s best friend Adrian.  Adrian claims to be bisexual, and wears makeup.  This behavior strains Adrian’s relationship with his father, along with his peers.

Alex is invited to a party after the football game by Jay, the football team’s quarterback.  Alex is happy to accept the invitation, by Eve forbids her to attend the party, as she does not want her daughter to be exposed to alcohol.  This upsets Alex, who feels that her mother is overbearing.

Later that night, Kevin tells his daughter that she can attend the party, as long as she does not drink and brings Adrian along as a sort of chaperone.  Alex is thrilled, and she and Adrian find their way to the party.

At the party, Alex is offered alcohol but refuses it.  Adrian is bullied by his classmates, but Jay intervenes.  Jay offers Alex alcohol, and Alex accepts it, in an attempt to impress Jay.

The next morning, Kevin and Eve discover that Alex did not sleep in her bed that night.  They discover her sitting outside on the porch.  Alex tearfully informs her parents that she believes that she was drugged and raped the night before at the party.  She also tells her parents that Adrian remembers the events, and that it was Jay who raped her.

Alex and her parents file a police report in regards to the incident.  Kevin specifically requests to not speak to the police Chief, who is Jay’s father.  Alex’s doctor confirms that Alex had sexual intercourse, and states that a DNA test may be needed.  She also recommends that Alex see a therapist, to help her deal with her trauma.

Eve and Kevin argue about the assault.  Eve thinks that Kevin is too permissive, while Kevin believes that his wife is too strict and will not allow their daughter to experience a normal adolescence.  However, their argument is interrupted by a rock flying through the window.  Kevin runs outside to find out what happened, and discovers graffiti painted on the driveway, presumably in retaliation for Alex reporting the assault.

Adrian comforts Alex, acknowledging that the town will likely turn against her, and believe Jay’s side of the story over hers.

Kevin goes to the police station the next day, in order to file a report in regards to the harassment that his family has been experiencing.  Adrian is also at the police station, as he is being questioned in regards to the assault.  An accident takes place outside, commanding the attention of the on duty officers.

Eve makes plan to leave town with her daughter, in order to get a break from the harassment.  She has told Michael that he cannot come with them, as she blames him for the assault.  Eve stops at the mall on her way out of town, in order to pick up a prescription for Alex.  Alex is upset, and comments about her mother’s past, calling her “the town slut.”  Eve is shocked, and slaps her daughter across the face.

While she is waiting in the car, Eve calls her dad, begging him not to make her leave town with her mother.  Suddenly, the call is cut off.

Natalie Raven, Eve and Kevin’s next door neighbor, is at the local library doing some research.  She has noticed some odd occurrences in regards to the behavior of the local wildlife, and finds record of similar incidents several years ago.

Natalie leaves the library with her husband.  Almost as soon as they leave the library, The Mist descends on them, and they become disoriented.  However, Natalie decides that they can still make it back to their house, as long as they can find their bikes.

A man suddenly appears in front of Natalie and husband.  The man asks them if they are real, and holds up a gun.  The man then shoots Natalie’s husband, despite her pleas.  Once the man realizes what he has done, he turns the gun on himself.  Natalie finds her way to a church, and is comforted by the priest.

One of the police officers decides to take pictures of The Mist for his wife.  However, the officer is attacked by a swarm of insects, who eat his face.

The officer staggers back into the station and attacks Kevin.  Kevin is saved by a woman named Mia, who was one of the prisoners freed earlier, along with Bryan.  Mia is a former drug addict who was arrested earlier for breaking and entering, as she broke into her mother’s house, in search of money and passports that she had buried in the shed.

Mia shoots the officer, saving Kevin’s life.  Kevin and Adrian realize that they must trust Mia, as they need her on their side if they want to escape.

The Mist begins to descend upon the mall.  Alex glances out the window, and runs towards the mall to find her mother.  Alex and Eve find each other, and head back into the mall.

A woman named Mrs. Carmody tries to shame Eve for her sex education classes while inside the mall.  Eve tells Mrs. Carmody that she caught her son looking at porn on his phone while at school.  Mrs. Carmody then accuses of Alex of seeking attention, implying that she is lying about the sexual assault.

Mrs. Carmody then leaves the mall, despite Alex’s pleas to stay inside, as there may be something dangerous outside.  A few moments later, we hear screams, and Mrs. Carmody’s bloody body is thrown against the door, before being pulled back into The Mist.

The electricity at the mall then goes out, and the customers become frightened.  Alex is also frightened, because it turns out that Jay is trapped in the mall as well.

My Thoughts


Awkward much?

Those were my feelings when I watched the first episode of The Mist.

And the eek was not necessarily because it was scary, although there were some moments that were actually effective, in terms of an effective horror story (we will talk more about those in a bit.)

And as I said before:  this pilot episode was not all bad.  Far from it, in fact.  However, it’s a pilot, and it felt like it in every way, shape and form.

But, before we discuss the episode in dept, let us have a moment…

Actually, let us have a moment of silence…

For The Mist’s first victim.

In other words, Rufus.

Now, I know this is based on a Stephen King story.  And King can be ruthless, killing characters like it is going out of style.

And this applies to almost everything he has written, including It, 11/22/63, Duma Key, Bag of Bones, Cujo, the Dark Tower series…the list is extensive.

So was I surprised when the dog got it about 4 minutes in?

Not really, I suppose.

I was thinking that poor Bryan found a friend.  I was hoping he was Bryan’s dog too!

So, it was still a gut punch.

Dog is killed 4 minutes into the pilot.  Someone means business!

And let us take a moment to mourn that beautiful creature, as we know that if the dog dies this quickly, well, then that probably does not bode well for a lot of folks…

Back to my original point:  I did enjoy watching this pilot, and I think this series has potential.

However, see the part about being awkward.  Almost cringe-worthy, in parts.

And one of those cringe-worthy parts is Adrian…

There is something about this character that sets my teeth on edge.

He just seems fake.

I don’t know if he is written that way, or if he is being acted that way.

Whatever the case, he is not genuine.  And sounds like a walking Huffington Post or Mother Jones article, when he spouts off about white male privilege and victim blaming.  He sounds like he is reading from those publications, but does not sound like he understands what those phrases actually mean.

I just don’t trust his face.  And no, it has nothing to do with his makeup or perfectly coiffed hair.

And Alex should not trust that face either.  In fact, I find him quite suspicious.  I am sure the cops would find him suspicious as well, if they had the time to question him.  It’s probably a good thing for Adrian that the cops have more pressing matters on their hands. like a weird weather phenomenon that turns average insects into killing machines, so that they do not have time to poke holes in his story in regards to what happened at that party.

There, I said it…

Now, a favorite character…

Right now, it’s possibly Mia, or perhaps Bryan.

I like Mia because she may well turn out to be an anti heroine.  We have far too few of those on television, but Mia seems to fit the bill:  she is an addict, she has done some bad things and her firearm skills are edging towards bad assery.

And I like Bryan because of the little nod to Project Arrowhead (gotta respect the source material, after all) and the fact that he may be a major player in regards to the origins of The Mist.  I think things will get interesting once he recovers his memories.

For the rest of the characters, I can’t really say much.

I do find it interesting that Alex was raped.  Most horror stories have teens behaving badly, as in becoming intoxicated and having premarital sex.  We have all seen that one so many times.  A certain famous horror movie has even poked fun at it, issuing us warnings of what we need to do in order to survive in a horror movie.

However, the date rape thing is a little different.  And I do believe that it has the potential to make things interesting, as Alex is trapped in the mall with her accused rapist.  Being trapped in close quarters with the person you believed to have assaulted you is a literal nightmare (and good allegory, as many victims of sexual assault may not be able to escape their abuser, since they may attend the same school, work with him or the abuser is a family member.)  And that is not even accounting for the aforementioned strange weather phenomena!

The pilot also seemed to have a few horror movie cliches.  Not that these are necessarily bad, but still putting that out there.

The bugs attacking people seemed a little 1950’s B horror movie to me, although I do enjoy B horror movies.

The bodies being flung against the window were also kind of B movie, although I did find that amusing.  And maybe kind of a weird karma, since bugs seem to die in the same manner on many a windshield…

I did find the scene where Alex is trapped in the vehicle and The Mist is creeping up on her to be quite effective.  Alex is not paying attention, but we see what is going on.  No blood or gore.  No bugs on steroids.  Just good old fashioned creepiness…

Oh, and…

Well, a couple at least.

Project Arrowhead, for one.  Like I said, gotta pay respect to the source material!

And the fact that the name of the town was Bridgeville, while the name of the town in the novella and movie was Bridgeton.

Me thinks that we may be dealing with different levels of the Tower…

Oh, and that prude getting her just desserts after accusing Alex of making up the assault she experienced.

Looked like a bug ending its life by being splattered against a window, she did.

And her name was Mrs. Carmody!

A perfect end for a prudish bitch!

Maybe there is still hope, after all!

Well, that’s it for the pilot episode of The Mist.  And I can’t wait to find out where it’s going, and for more characters!

Join me next week, as we review and dissect the second episode, titled Withdrawal.

Tune in next week…

Same bat time, same bat channel!


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