The Mist: Episode 2 Recap and Review

So, last week was the first date.

And it was awkward, but it went well enough that I accepted the offer of a second date.

While this date was still a little awkward, there was something different about it.

I began to feel something.

Perhaps, there may be a spark after all.  And I want more.

In other words, I watched the second episode of The Mist this weekend, titled Withdrawals.

And no, the show is not perfect.

But again, it intrigues me.

I don’t feel like I am wasting my time watching it.  And I want more.

I am, dare I say it, developing feelings.  I am starting to care.


I see  a certain charm in this show.

It may suffer from some horror movie cliches (I am able to pick out the next death a little too soon.  And a white guy tripping and falling?  Cliche much?)

But at the same time, there is something unexpected to the show.  A victim of date rape, trapped in the mall with her accused rapist.

An addict who thinks she is suffering hallucinations brought on by withdrawals.

In other words, not elements you typically associate with horror movies.

So, let us get down to business, and review and dissect the second episode of The Mist!

And, as always:


The episode begins where the previous episode ended: Alex and Eve are trapped in the mall with several other survivors.  The mall manager, Gus Bradley, takes charge and decides that all of the doors need to be locked, until the survivors have a better idea of what is happening outside in regards to The Mist.

As Alex, Eve and a woman named Kimmy lock the doors of the mall, they notice a hallway filled with Mist, along with a dead body.  They realize that The Mist can penetrate even the smallest crack, and it extremely dangerous.  A man named Clint points out that the mall probably has access to a radio, so that communication with the outside world can be made.  However, the radio is located in the administrative wing of the mall, which is where Alex and Eve spotted The Mist.

Alex suggests that the survivors use a drone pilot to survey the administrative wing.  Jay pilots the drone, and flies the drone into the room with the open window.  The group discovers another dead body, along with what appears to be the letters “arr” written in blood on the wall.  The drone then gets stuck somewhere in the room.

Gus decides that someone needs to go use the radio, and draws straws to decide who will take the risk.  Eve is chosen, but Client volunteers to accompany her.

Eve and Clint dash to the room containing the radio.  They discover that the radio still has a working battery.  Clint attempts to send out a distress call, and attempts to contact Project Arrowhead.  Eve becomes suspicious, and suggests that they they take the radio back to the group.  Client refuses, and starts to reach for something in his pocket.  Eve notices that he is carrying a gun.

Clint chases Eve back out into the hallways.  He pins Eve down and tries to strangle her, but Eve fights back, and is able to shoot Clint with his gun.

Eve the reunites with the other survivors.  Clint’s friends ask what happened to him, and Eve tells them that she was separated from Clint, and that the radio did not work anyway.

Eve pulls Gus aside, noting that she had never seen the group in town prior to that day.  Gus confirms this, and Eve looks concerned.

Later that night, Eve and the other survivors attempt to go to sleep.  Jay wakes up, and heads to the bathroom to wash his face.  He glances in the mirror, and finds that Clint’s surviving friends have committed suicide by hanging themselves.

In the meantime, Kevin, Adrian, Bryan and Mia escape the police station.  They find an unused police car, and head to the mall, as they figure the mall will have food and water, along with the rest of Kevin’s family.

Before the group leaves, Mia tries to steal drugs from the evidence locker.  She is caught by Bryan, who asks her if she is an addict.  Mia becomes defensive, but Bryan promises that he will not tell Kevin.

As the group drives to the mall, Kevin notices that The Mist has become thicker.  Mia starts to shake and is in danger of losing control of the vehicle.  She nearly hits a man on the road.  The man then pulls a gun and tries to hijack the car.

Mia speeds up, driving wildly through The Mist, despite pleas from the rest of the group to slow down.  She hits another vehicle, and the police car flips over.

The group is able to get out of the car, and they run into the church, figuring that it will give them shelter.

As she runs to the church, Mia sees an older woman whom she had believed to be dead.  The woman refers to her as Babydoll.  Before Mia can respond to the woman, Bryan grabs her and drags her into the church.

Once inside the church, Kevin and his group meet with Father Romanov, who is comforting Natalie Raven over the recent loss of her husband.  Chief Connor has also sought shelter in the church.

Kevin and Mia confront Chief Connor in regards to actions, and accuse him of his leaving Kevin and several others to die.  Connor defends his actions, stating that he called for Kevin and the others, but did not receive a response.

Mia begins to exhibit symptoms of withdrawals.  She tells Bryan that she had hallucinated, seeing someone who was actually dead.

Father Romanov searches for food in the parish, and is able to find some.  One of the members of his congregation suggests that a service be held that night, and Father Romanov tells him that they need to be more concerned about finding supplies.

Natalie finds a couple of bottles of wine, and requests that the survivors toast her dead husband.  She reminisces about Benedict, remembering the the life they had built for themselves.

That night, Kevin and the rest of the survivors try to sleep.  Bryan and Mia talk a bit before they try to sleep.  Bryan tells Mia that the woman she saw in The Mist called her “Babydoll,” affirming that the he also saw the woman, and that Mia was not hallucinating.

My Thoughts

Well, it was still a little awkward.

But a little less so than last week.

In other words, I think the show is growing on me, kinda.

And I may even be starting to catch some feelings, but please, don’t tell anyone!

But, before we get to all that…

Let me just get it out of my system…

So, here goes nothing…


Yes, channel 19!

Sometimes, you can make a wish, and it comes true!

I have been looking for that Dark Tower reference, and the writers of The Mist humored me…

In the second episode, no less!

So, yes…total squee moment!

And a reminder that all things do serve The Beam, even jerks that try to use the radio to call Project Arrowhead, instead of using the equipment for its intended purpose (more on that in a bit.)

So, back to reviewing the episode.

This was an interesting episode.

Not much was done to advance the plot, but stuff happened.  And plenty of it was interesting stuff.

As I have stated, one of Stephen King’s strengths as a writer is his ability to write about people, along with the monsters.

In fact, some of King’s worst monsters are actually humans behaving badly, such as Annie Wilkes, Jim Rennie and Brady Hartsfield.

The Dark Tower series, King’s magnum opus, even contains humans behaving badly, among all the monsters and parallel worlds.  Eldred Jonas (Wizard and Glass) would be a good example of this.

The novella and movie version of The Mist also contains a human horror:  Mrs. Carmody, a woman who uses religion in an attempt to control people who are trapped inside of a supermarket while inter-dimensional creatures lurk on the outside.

It appears that this version of The Mist will focus on human horrors as well as the monsters.  We did not really see any monsters in this episode.  However, we got to know the characters a little bit better, and witnessed some of these characters doing questionable things.

One of these characters doing questionable things is Alyssa.

Alyssa had the fortune (or is it misfortune) to draw the “winning” straw to find the radio and send out a signal for help to the outside world.

Luckily, Clint was nice enough to accompany her…

Because he had ulterior motives, duh!

Oh, and not only did he attempt to contact Project Arrowhead (instead of, you know, state police or something sensible like that), he was also armed with a gun.

He appeared to try to attack Alyssa, but she fought back.  Luckily, she was able to escape.

However, she left behind a dead body.  And never called in for help.

And lied to everyone else trapped in the mall, saying that she became separated from Clint, and that the radio was not working.

We all know that this cannot stay secret for very long.  And I have a funny feeling that the mall manager is not one to stand for something like. So it will be interesting to see how this shakes out in future episodes.

As I stated before, I caught some feelings watching this episode (hush, like I said before, don’t tell anyone, dammit!)

I found Nathalie’s toast to her dead husband to be so touching.

She described their lives together, right down to their love of cooking spaghetti together and drinking cheap wine to go with it.  Even though it was something that they did when they were young and had no money, they continued to do that even when their financial circumstances changed, so that they would not forget about their youth.

So yes, I felt some emotion after listening to Nathalie.  I became, dare I say, attached to the character, along with wondering what horrible is going to happen to her later on down the line.

Yeah, I am veteran of reading King novels, in case you can’t tell.

Not to say we did not get a little dose of horror in this episode…

True, there were no gruesome deaths by cockroach, but the moment when Jay catches a glimpse of a couple of dead bodies hanging in the restroom was pretty creepy.  Bonus points for the fact that this particular group of people, along with Clint, had not been spotted in town until the day The Mist made an appearance.

However, the creepiest moment of all for me was Bryan’s reveal at the end.

He and Mia appear to be sharing a moment.

Mia, who believes that she is having withdrawals and hallucinating crazy things due to the withdrawals.  I know I believed that she was having withdrawals.

But then Bryan, ever so calmly, repeats the name the still unknown unknown woman called Mia:  Babydoll.

And somehow, this endearment has become sinister.

Not only can The Mist turn cockroaches into murder machines (admittedly, that is not too difficult since we know what those little bastards have on their minds anyhow), it can conjure memories (maybe) and turn them into reality that others can sear and hear.



Well, that’s it for Withdrawals.

Join me next week as we review and dissect the third episode, titled Snow and Tell.

Tune in next week…

Same bat time, same bat channel!




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