The Mist: Episode 5 Recap and Review

So, over the past few weeks I have been spending some quality time with The Mist.

It is true that some episodes have had a little more quality than others.

As I stated before, the early episodes have that “first date” feel, where it is awkward and kind of bumbling, not quite sure what it is doing.

But, you cannot judge an entire relationship by its first date.  Sometimes, it is hard to get past the awkwardness, and there are no sparks.

But sometimes, the sparks start to appear, even after the initial awkwardness, and you come back for more.

And that is exactly what is happening with The Mist.

The first few episodes are a little awkward, although intriguing enough to make you want more.

But the previous episode, Pequod, was a different beast, so to speak.  Things started happening, and things started getting interesting.

And this episode, titled The Waiting Room, is building on that material.  So now, the stakes are being raised, and I have actually become invested in at least some of the characters and those characters apparent arcs, along with what may happen in the future.

As with any horror story, emotional investment in the characters is crucial, at least in this blogger’s opinion.  You can have monsters, sure.  And a jump scare here and there.  But we also need people to root for, and people to root against (heels need love too, right?)

And finally, we are getting that with The Mist.  It’s been slow in coming, but we are finally getting it.

Without further ado, here is my recap and review of The Waiting Room.

As always:


The episode begins with Kevin, Mia, Adrian and Bryan rushing to the hospital.  Bryan is in critical condition, due to the bullet wound in his leg.  Kevin learns that The Mist has made its way to a part of the hospital.  Mia is also angry at Kevin, as she feels he should have taken action against Clay, and blames Kevin for Bryan’s injury.

Kevin searches the hospital for his wife and daughter.  He does not find Alex or Eve, but finds someone else:  his brother, Mike.

Mike has been stabbed in the stomach by a group of kids.  Somehow, the kids knew that Mike had bullied a kid named Ricky when he and Kevin were children, and the kids stated that they were getting revenge for Ricky.  Mike believes that The Mist can somehow read people’s thoughts, and is very frightened, and along with being in terrible pain.

Kevin then flashes back to his past, when he and Eve moved into their house with Eve, who was a toddler at this point.  Eve is happy, but also states that she is not herself.

Mia visits Bryan after his operation is done.  Bryan tries to show her some affection, but Mia is unable to handle it, telling Bryan that she is not ready for him to be nice to her.

Adrian runs into one of the school bullies in the restroom.  He kisses the other boy, and the other boy retaliates by punching Adrian.  However, Adrian kisses the other boy again, and the two get intimate.

Mike notices that Kevin is carrying a gun and is impressed, as Kevin is known to be pacifist.  He begs Kevin to shoot him and put him out of his misery, but Kevin refuses, stating that he will find a way to help Mike.

Kevin flashes back to the past again.  Eve credits Kevin with turning her life around, as she previously dated men that were not good people.  She credits Kevin with helping her settle down and becoming a teacher.  Their conversation is interrupted by a visit from Mike, which appears to make Eve extremely uncomfortable.

In the present, Kevin decides to run through The Mist and attempt to operate on Mike, with the doctor radioing in the instructions.  Kevin decides that he is willing to take the risks that the doctor will not, in attempt to save his brother’s life.

Mia wanders into the gift shop and purchases a stuffed bear for Bryan. She pays for the bear, and then notices that the clerk is now dead, due to an apparent suicide.

Mia finds out Bryan’s room number and visits him.  However, the man in the room she visits is actually not the Bryan she knows but a different man with the same name, which causes Mia to become suspicious,  She talks the man, who claims that he was beat up by someone associated with Project Arrowhead.  He states the man who beat him up is named Jonah Dixon, who is actually the man Mia and the rest of the group believed to be Bryan.

Kevin flashes back to the past again.  He and Eve talk, before Alex arrives home.  It is revealed that Kevin is not Alex’s father, and that he does wish to know the identity of Alex’s father, nor does he wish for Alex to know that Kevin is not her biological father.

Bryan then visits the man who shares his name.  The other man opens his eyes, and the two look at each other.

Mia encounters Adrian in the waiting room.  The two talk, and Mia is able to distract Adrian.  She steals the keys to his vehicle, and runs out into The Mist, driving away in the car.

Kevin runs through The Mist, and wheels his brother into the operating room.  As he prepares to operate on his brother, Mike admits that he was jealous of Kevin for being able to reach Eve, when he and his friends were unable to reach her.  Mike gives Kevin the go-ahead to operate on him.

Kevin operates on Mike, via instructions from the doctor.  After the operation is done, Kevin rushes Mike out of the operating room.  However, he slips on blood, and Mike falls off the gurney.

Flying leeches then fall from the ceiling onto Mike’s body, ignoring Kevin.  The leeches cover Mike’s wounds.  Kevin realizes that Mike will likely die, and puts his brother out of misery, shooting him with the gun.  Kevin then runs back to the waiting room, unharmed by the leeches.

My Thoughts

Well, that was different.

Not that different is a bad thing, especially where this show is concerned.

In fact, I may ask:  where has this been?

So yes, this episode was different.  And different in a good way.

The narrative structure changed.  We were only privy to what was going on with Kevin and his group.  For now, the mall and the church remain a mystery.

By focusing only on what was happening with Kevin and his group of survivors, this allowed for a little more character development, and to flush out of a little of the back story in regards to Kevin, Eve and Alex.

Like I have said, a good horror story gets you invested in the characters.  So allowing us to get to know Kevin a little better accomplished that.  And this show needs to get us emotionally invested, in order for it to have any impact on us.

So, I think I enjoyed this episode the most out of any of the episodes so far, although I do have a couple of qualms.

The name of the first qualm is Mia.

Now, I have stated that Mia is one of the more interesting characters in the show.  She obviously has a dark past, and is dealing with her own demons.  That makes for a potentially compelling arc.  See the above part in regards to becoming emotionally invested.

But Mia left me scratching my head after this episode.  Scratching it hard too.

Now, she is still one of the most interesting characters on the show.  But I just did not understand her actions this week.

She pays Bryan a visit.  But it is not her Bryan.

(And not her Bryan was housed in none other than room 237!  That should have been a clue right there…duh much?  What good could come out of Room 237?  Seriously, maybe Room 217 would have been a better choice…)

Understandably, she is upset.  I would be too, if I got close to a guy, and then found out his name was Jonah instead of Bryan.  Oh, and that he beat some other guy (who kinda sort looks like him) up (maybe.)

So she felt deceived.  And that sucks.  Like I said, I understand.

What I don’t understand was what happened next:  Mia pretends to have a heart to heart with Adrian, but she is really distracting him to steal the car keys.  Then she takes off in the car.  Into The Mist.  Likely into the arms of god knows what:  flying leeches, Mothmen, Dementors and who knows what else is hiding inside that mysterious entity.

In other words, overreaction much?  Just between you and me, this does not make a lot of sense, even for someone a bit unhinged, as Mia obviously is.  So, it will be interesting to see how that is handled (hopefully) in the next episode.

And speaking of Adrian…

Dude, what the fuck?

He conveniently encounters a bully in the restroom of the hospital.

Instead of making a break for it, or just ignoring the guy, he engages him in conversation.

And engages him in other recreational activities, obviously.

The guy punches Adrian in the face for kissing him (and Adrian would have deserved it, unwanted advance much?)

Does this deter Adrian?

Nope. kiss the guy again!

And punch Adrian again!

Somehow, this turns into…consensual sex?

Yeah, I was confused too.

Not really sure what that scene accomplished.  It confused me, for sure.

Was it to show Adrian questioning his masculinity?  Was he tired of being a virgin?  That is possible, since we know Adrian is conflicted, because he is bisexual and just does not know where he fits in, in his town, his school and maybe even with Alex.

Again, I better get some kind of explanation for this!

Like I said before, this has been the best episode of the series, and the series can hopefully continue to build on this.

I have seen Kevin as a bit of a generic character:  a nice guy, just wanting the best for his family.

The flashback scenes added a little to his character, and to Eve’s character as well.

Newsflash:  apparently everything was not so perfect, even before The Mist!

Oh, and Kevin is not Alex’s dad!  Somehow, this did not surprise me, but I am glad the show did not beat around the bush with this info and finally confirmed my suspicions, so we can move on.

And heartbreak.

The previous episode had a bit of that.  This episode did as well.

I do suspect that Kevin trying to operate on his brother served as a plot device for more monsters.

However, I can take a moment to appreciate what happened, and how sad it was.

Kevin appeared to be on the way to saving his brother’s life.

But The Mist had other plans.

Other plans, in the form of…flying leeches?

Ewww, gross!

And sad, because all of Kevin’s efforts were for nothing, as Mike was attacked by The Mist, and Kevin was forced to make the terrible choice to put Mike out of his misery.

And we got to see a new breed of monster:  flying leeches!

So we can add that to the list, along with the Mothman and Dementors.

The Mist appears to be versatile.

Lots of tricks up its nebulous sleeves.

And hopefully, we get to see more of those tricks next week.

Well, that’s it for The Waiting Room.

Join me next week for the recap and review of episode 6, titled The Devil You Know.

Tune in next week…

Same bat time, same bat channel!


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