The Mist: Episode 7 Recap and Review

If you are a horror junkie, one thing is certain when it comes to horror movies:

The final 1/3 of the movie (or show) is usually when things start to get interesting.

This is true for most of my favorite horror movies, like Poltergeist and Phantasm.  Scream is another great example of this, along with The Nightmare on Elm Street.  Stranger Things is a TV show, but the last 3 episodes or so also follow this pattern.

This is even true for some of the not as good ones as well.  In fact, with movies like ‘Salem’s Lot, the last third or so of the act is what saves it and makes it watchable.

The show The Mist is also following the same pattern.  It has started off a bit (okay, a lot) slow, but has picked up some steam.

In other words, shit gets real.

The characters are forced to continue to make choices, due to The Mist and their predicament of being trapped by The Mist.

Some of these choices do not always make sense, but we are starting to finally see some action.

Perhaps, The Mist will be saved by its final act, where everything comes together and becomes cohesive.

So, without further ado, here is my recap and review of episode 7, titled Over the River and Through the Woods.

And, as always:


At the mall, the survivors grow nervous over food rations, as there are only two days worth of rations left.  Gus has been hoarding food in his office, telling the survivors that the military is on the way.

Alex spends time with Jay, to Eve’s disapproval.  Despite the fact that Eve does not approve of Jay spending time with Alex, she allows him to stay with her group.

Kevin and his group take shelter at the psych ward in the hospital.  An orderly named Nash reluctantly lets the group in, as he recognizes Mia and states that Mia’s mother was “a good person.”

Mia decides that she wants to kick her addiction.  She finds some pills that are an antidote, and has Jonah strap her to a gurney, so that the toxins can leave her body and so that she can fight her addiction.  Very quickly, Mia experiences great agony, as the toxins leave her body.  She begs Jonah to release her from the gurney, but he refuses, per his earlier promise to her.

At the church, Chief Heisel confronts Father Romanov and accuses him of orchestrating the earlier attack on Nathalie that was carried out by Link.  Heisel beats Romanov in retribution for the attack on Nathalie.

At the hospital, Kevin and his group discover that Adrian is missing.  They find Nash, the orderly, and discover that Nash is holding Adrian captive, as he believes that Adrian is evil.  Nash intends to kill Adrian, but Kevin is able to distract him.  Kevin then convinces Nash to allow him to trade places with Adrian, stating that he is actually the evil one.  Nash allows the trade, and then attacks Kevin.  Kevin fights back and kills Nash, and the group escapes.

Jonah begins to recover some of his memories as he watches Mia endure the agony of withdrawals.  It becomes clear that he was involved with the military somehow, and that he also has a connection to Project Arrowhead.

At the church, Nathalie and Father Romanov square off.  Romanov believes that Nathalie is leading his congregation astray, in her beliefs that The Mist is natural phenomenon, as opposed to something sent by God as punishment, as Father Romanov believes.  The two agree to set foot outside in The Mist, to test their respective beliefs.

Nathalie and Romanov venture out into The Mist.  The Four Horsemen find Father Romanov and immediately attack him.  The creatures kill Romanov and drag his body into The Mist.  However, Nathalie is unharmed.  She makes her way back into the church, and is greeted by the rest of the survivors.

My Thoughts

Again, the plot, er The Mist thickens.

Oh, and we have a verifiable monster sighting…woohoo!

And the monster ate somebody…even better!

Really, it could not have happened to a nicer religious zealot asshole!

Now, the church has not been the most interesting of the three locales for most of the season. Kevin’s group at the hospital gets that honor, with the mall falling in the middle, for the most part.

But the church wins it for this episode, although I did enjoy some of what was in the hospital (more on that later.)

So, the tension between Nathalie and Father Romanov has been brewing for the past couple of episodes.  Evidently, Romanov even sent one of his zealot goons to attack Nathalie, and paid a price for it.  He paid twice, actually.

The first payment came in the form of a richly deserved beating from Chief Heisel.  Really, I can’t say I cried.

And the second payment came in the form of…his life, really.

The Mist collected on that debt.  And it did not have too difficult a time collecting, apparently.

So Father Romanov got a bit of the ole ultra violence.

Again, not tragic.  I was never particularly invested in this character.  I did not like him much, so no great loss.

However, his death has made things kind of interesting.

First of all, I have been theorizing that this version of The Mist does not necessarily give birth to large, insectoid creatures.

Rather, this version of The Mist appears to get inside people’s heads.

We saw this with the death of Father Romanov:  he was attacked by none other than The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  This by itself has always been kind of creepy, even to me, although I am not particularly religious.  However, there is something about all that imagery of death and destruction brought on by four people (gotta be gender inclusive here) riding on horses.

But, this goes back to my original point:  This version of The Mist appears to be something more cerebral.

It makes a certain amount of sense that Father Romanov would see The Four Horsemen come out of The Mist, as he is a religious man (fanatical zealot.)

He has likely been preaching this before The Mist set in.

We know he was definitely preaching it after The Mist set in.

So it makes sense that it would attack him using those horseback riders, as they are likely first and foremost in the old zealot’s mind.

Father Romanov didn’t make it.  However, Nathalie did.

Nathalie professes, for whatever crazy reason, to not be afraid of The Mist.

She ventured out (and proved how hard core she is by foregoing the clothing) and was untouched.

She also appeared to have seen The Four Horsemen.  However, she did not seem bothered by it.  This is probably due to the fact that she is not a religious person, so she is not impressed with the hell fire and damnation that sometimes comes with religion.

This brings up an interesting question:  will The Mist ever be able to get to Nathalie?  Or is she safe from it from this point forward, given her near reverence for it, along with all things nature?

Part of me believes that Nathalie is probably safe from the tendrils of The Mist.

But, part of me is also skeptical of that, because, if my theory is correct, The Mist can get inside of your head and use your vulnerabilities against you.  And surely Nathalie has at least some vulnerabilities.

So, only time (and the next three episodes) will tell on that one.

Another interesting part about this episode was the fact that it delved into the Jonah formerly known as Bryan’s back story, as Jonah appeared to have recovered some memories while helping Mia detox.

(Mia, why did you detox now?  Why oh why?  You are being chased by The Mist, resources are running out and apparently The Mist brings out all the crazies and you choose this time to detox?  Head scratch much?)

So possible some of the assumptions about Jonah are not correct.  And I am not just talking about his name.

We had assumed that Jonah was part of the military, but these flashbacks make me wonder if he was experimented on by the military, as opposed to being a member of the service.

Which brings up another question?  Was the military’s interest in Jonah random, or something else?  In other words, why Jonah?  I somehow think that the choice of Jonah was not a random one, but we shall see, hopefully over the remaining episodes.

I also noticed that “mist” was one of the words that Jonah was given to focus on, while he was presumably being experimented on and probably in great pain.


Possibly.  Maybe.

However, this is a show based on something written by Stephen King.  Coincidences in the Stephen King universe are rare.

Almost as rare as white tigers.  Or owls that say “what” instead of “who.”

Again, only time will tell.

Or the remaining three episodes.

So that’s it for Over the River and Through the Woods.

Tune in next week for the recap and review of episode 8, titled The Law of Nature.

Tune in next week…

Same bat time, same bat channel!


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