The Mist: Episode 8 Recap and Review

Well, how about that?

Many times in my life I have uttered that phrase, for both good and bad reasons.

Often, I have uttered those phrases when reading…

You guess it…

A Stephen King book!

Or something on screen based on something written by King as well.

That is the nature of a King story:  characters make decisions, both good and bad.  And there are consequences, both good and bad.

After all, King is not just a writer of horror stories.  He also writes about people.  And people are capable of being monsters just as much as the homicidal clown living in the sewers, the little boy zombie resurrected from the dead or the rabid St. Bernard.

I uttered that phrase this week, after watching episode 8 of The Mist, titled The Law of Nature.

Things happened.  Decisions were made.  And there were consequences to those decisions.

Only two episodes are left, and the season is coming to a close.  Hopefully, we get some more answers to the questions that keep arising.

So, without further ado, here is my recap and review of episode 8 of The Mist.

And, as always:


The episodes begins with Kevin, Mia, Adrian and Bryan driving through the streets.  Kevin intends on reaching the mall, so that he can reunite with Alex and Eve.  However, Bryan points out that the car is low on gas, and they will need to refill the gas tank if they intend on traveling much further.

While driving, Kevin and his group find Vic, who was previously asked to leave the mall.  They reluctantly allow Vic the safety of the vehicle.

The group stops at Adrian’s house, as they are driving down his street.  Mia and Bryan go to the garage to siphon gas into the vehicle, and Adrian heads into the house, to see if his parents are still alive.

Bryan and Mia work on siphoning the gas.  Their work is interrupted, however, when they share a kiss.  Bryan and Mia then proceed to make love.  Afterwards, Bryan wonders if he was married in his former life.

Adrian finds his father in the kitchen.  He inquires about his mother.  His father, who has been drinking, directs Adrian to the living room.  There, Adrian finds the corpse of his mother.  His father states that Adrian’s mother stepped outside, and was attacked by birdlike creatures.  Adrian is devastated and in shock over the death of his mother.

At the mall, Alex and Jay try to relax, and spend some time rollerblading.  Afterwards, Alex and Jay share a kiss.  They return to Eve and the rest of the group.  Eve sends Jay to get water from a storage room, but locks him in the storage room, in an attempt to keep him away from Alex.

Lila’s mother finds Gus, and tells him that she still blames Alex for the death of her daughter, as she caught Alex making out with Jay.  She believes that Alex is lying about being raped, and also lying about her role in the death of Lila.  This worries Gus, who believes that the woman may make the situation at the mall worse, as the group is running low on rations.

Nathalie speaks to Connor at the church.  Connor confesses that he believes that Jay actually raped Alex, and Connor feels responsible for the assault.  Nathalie tries to assure him that he did the best he could under the circumstances, as Jay’s mother died when Jay was a baby.  Nathalie talks about The Black Spring, and believes that Jay’s assault on Alex is what caused The Mist to appear.  She believes that Jay needs to be sacrificed in order for The Mist to leave.

Adrian confronts his father at his house, stating that he is leaving.  The two argue about Adrian’s life choices, including his sexual preferences.  Adrian then confesses to raping Alex, as he was threatened by her potential relationship with Jay and had feelings for her.  Adrian’s father goads him, and Adrian lashes out.  He finds a gun, and shoots his father, killing him.  He then cuts himself with a knife.

Kevin comes into the house, looking for Adrian.  He finds Adrian bleeding over the body of his father.  Adrian states that his father attacked him, and that he killed his father in self defense.  Kevin comforts Adrian, and offers to bandage his wound.

Kevin tends to Adrian in the bathroom.  While he is looking for a band aid, he finds a medication that was also found in Alex’s blood by the doctor who examined her after she was raped.  Kevin then realizes that Adrian actually raped his daughter, and becomes angry.

Adrian attacks Kevin, stating that he could not allow Jay to date Alex, as that would threaten his relationship with Alex, along with Kevin and Eve.  He aims the gun at Kevin.  Kevin tries to calm Adrian down, and tells him that he needs help.  Adrian strikes Kevin, knocking him unconscious.

Adrian runs back out into the vehicle.  He tells Mia, Bryan and Vic that his father attacked himself and Kevin, and that both Kevin and his father are dead.  The group then drives away.

At the mall, Gus speaks to Lila’s mother again, in an attempt to keep the situation calm.  He tells her that she needs to tell the others that Alex is not a threat.  However, the woman blackmails Gus, telling him that she knows that he has a secret stash of food.  Gus then attacks the woman, killing her.

The body of Lila’s mother is then discovered, along with Gus.  Gus blames the death of the woman on Alex, stating that he simply found the body.

Nathalie and some others agree to leave the church, so they can head to the mall and kill Jay, who Nathalie believes needs to be sacrificed to The Mist in order for peace to be restored.  She has convinced several people, including Connor, that this is necessary.  The group then leaves the church.  Some of the survivors choose to stay behind.  Before they leave, Nathalie and her followers burn down the church, along with its inhabitants.

My Thoughts

Um, shower please?

And I need to brush my teeth.

Maybe I need to be de-loused as well, now that I think about it…

In other words, I think this is the most unpleasant 43 minutes of television I have seen in awhile.  And I watch shows like Game of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy, and many other cheerful pieces of work!

Not that this episode was bad.  Not at all, it had some action and character development.

But it was still unpleasant.

People just went…well…crazy!

Actually, crazy is too  mild a word for it.  Maybe batshit insane would be a better word, actually.

This episode once again emphasized the human horror aspect.  The only “monsters” we saw were ones of the human variety.

Speaking of monsters…

Yo, Adrian!

Finally, we got validation that this accused twat….is…well, a twat!

This character has struck me as off balance from the first episode.

I never found his “wokeness” (for lack of a better word) to be convincing.  And I did suspect him of being the one who raped Alex, despite the fact that he was bullied, professed to be bisexual, etc.

I could sense that he was still a good old fashioned pig underneath the “woke” exterior, and this episode proved that Adrian was indeed a pig.

He confessed to raping Alex, his best (and only) friend.  Barf.  Yuck.  Ugh.  Not enough words.

Then he killed his father.  I may have been able to forgive this under normal circumstances (after all, the piglet does not spring far from the pig) but see the above statement about the rape of his best friend.

And if that weren’t bad enough, he attacks Kevin!

What.  The.  Actual.  Fuck.

You turn on the man who has actually been a dad to you, as opposed to just a sperm donor?

Kevin tells him (rightfully) that he needs help.  Badly.

So Adrian does what any sensible accuse rapist would do:  he attacks Kevin, escapes, and then lies about it to the rest of his group, telling them that their leader is dead.

And now those poor people are stuck in a car with the Adrian creature.  Ewwww!

We also have Nathalie.

Up until this episode, she has actually been pretty sympathetic.

Just an aging hippie, who tragically lost her husband.

Sure, she was a little nutty in her reverence for Mother Nature and The Mist, but seemed pretty harmless.

Until this episode.

Nathalie now has a following.

She has convinced them that the guy who actually did not rape Alex needs to be sacrificed, and is leading them on mission which could be a suicide mission, since they are marching themselves right into the waiting tendrils of The Mist.

It wasn’t good enough for Nathalie to lead her followers out of the church.  Not at all.

She had to burn down the church where the surviving members were sheltered.

Fanaticism makes people do some odd things, that is for certain.

Oh, and Alex.

Poor Alex!

She started off in the series as a rape victim.

And then became trapped in the mall with her accused rapist, who she began to develop feelings for.

Then her new crush was locked in a storeroom by her well meaning mother.

To add insult to injury, Alex has now been accused of murdering a woman, and will likely have an angry mob after her.  Many of those people do not believe her story about being raped, so talk about adding fuel to the fire.

I don’t think this version of The Mist needs any exotic monsters to take out mankind.

Nope, just make the people go crazy, get your popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show!

Well, that’s it for The Law of Nature.

Join me next week for the recap and review of episode 9, titled The Waking Dream.

Tune in next week…

Same bat time, same bat channel!

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