Castle Rock: Season 1, Episode 5 Recap and Review

Hi everyone.

My name is Leah and I have a confession to make.


Totally hooked on the Hulu show Castle Rock!

There, I feel better.  I hope you guys don’t judge me!

So yeah, I have a problem.  And I love it!

I spend my free time (well time when I am supposed to be working, since real life is a non-stop horror movie) waiting for the next episode to be released.

I browse Reddit to read the latest, craziest fan theories.

I come up with my own crazy fan theories.

(A connection to the Crimson King is not a crazy theory.  It.  Is.  Not,)

And oh yeah, writing about the show, for your reading pleasure!

So join my in my recap and review of this week’s episode, titled Harvest.

And, per usual:



The episode begins with a flashback to Henry visiting a neurologist’s office.  Henry hears strange noises, and wants to know if something is amiss.  The neurologist runs several tests on him, including a CAT scan, and reassures Henry that nothing is outwardly wrong with him.

The episode returns to the present.  The Kid has been released from prison.  There are also reports of unexplained wild fires in Castle County and the surrounding area.

Henry is concerned about The Kid and takes him to see a doctor.  The doctor states that she can probably find The Kid a bed in Juniper Hill, a local mental hospital, but that may take a few days.  The doctor also states that she thinks that The Kid is suffering from some kind of amnesia and that he may recover from it soon.

Since Henry does not want to leave The Kid to his own devices, he decides to temporarily house him in a room above Molly’s office.  However, The Kid eventually wanders out of the office, and takes a stroll through Castle Rock.

The Kid happens upon a family celebrating a child’s birthday party.  He looks in on the celebration, but the family does not notice his presence.  However, the celebration quickly turns violent, with shouting and fighting, and The Kid walks away.

Jackie Torrance arrives at Molly’s office and finds The Kid upstairs.  She takes The Kid for a ride in her car, lamenting on how all of the town’s more colorful history happened before she was born.  The Kid gets out of the car, and climbs up to the roof of a closed down factory.

Jackie fears The Kid will jump to his death and calls Molly.  Molly tries to talk The Kid down.  The Kid states that he needs to be locked up, but Molly assures him that Warden Lacy was a disturbed individual who kept him locked up, and that he belongs on the outside along with everyone else.

Alan is set to receive some recognition from the town as a bridge is being named after him.  Henry and Ruth attend the ceremony, and Alan begins to make his speech.  However, the speech is interrupted by Ruth, who believes that she is being stalked by a dead dog.  In an attempt to escape the dog, Ruth jumps off the bridge into the river.  Henry jumps in after her, saving her from death by drowning.

Alan and Henry wait to hear from the doctors in the hospital.  Alan tells Henry that he had bought a ring for Ruth back in 1991, but the two never married, due to the death of Henry’s father and Henry’s odd disappearance.  Henry realizes that Ruth’s time may be limited, and requests that his son Wendell travel to Castle Rock, so that Ruth may spend some time with her grandson.

When Henry returns home, he encounters Molly and The Kid.  Henry decides that The Kid can spend the night at the Deaver house and sets up a bed for him in the garage.  The Kid then demonstrates that he has the ability to play the piano.

Molly takes Henry aside and confides in him that she can hear The Kid’s thoughts, and that she feels something is not right about The Kid.

In the meantime, Alan realizes that The Kid has been released and is spending the night at the Deaver house, via an app on his phone meant to keep track of Ruth, for her safety.

Alan confronts The Kid in the woods by Castle Lake.  It is clear that Alan and The Kid know each other.  Alan recalls their meeting when he pulled Warden Lacy over many years ago and comments that The Kid has not aged since then.  Alan then comments that Ruth is slipping further and further into dementia, while The Kid does not age, while pointing a gun at The Kid. The Kid then states that he can help Ruth.

My Thoughts

Okay, before we get deep into the analysis of this episode, can we take a moment to appreciate the really important parts?

Or, is it part?

Yes, I am referring to the fact that we were treated to a shot of Pennywise’s bare ass!

And it wasn’t bad, if I do say so myself.

Apparently, even if you subsist on Wonder Bread and are scrunched up in a cave, you can still obtain that nice, tight, little tushie!

Speaking of The Eater of Wonder Bread…

(I am the Eater of Wonder Bread.  You are next, slice!)

What is the enigma of Castle Rock that is The Kid (or Nick Cage, as some of the guards called him?)

On the one hand, we cannot dispute that evil things seem to be connected to him.

He hears an undeniably rage inducing song, and wanders into a house celebrating a child’s birthday party.

(And no, the coincidence of that kid’s name was not lost on me.  Nice!)

Next thing you, all Hell (literally) breaks loose.

What started off with old show tunes and a cake with icing that resembled toothpaste turned into a yelling match and knife fight.

And, we only hear it, just like The Kid.  We have to infer what is happening by the raised voices and the expressions on The Kid’s face.  That made for an effective three minutes and proved that less is indeed more.

(So, never bring a cake to a knife fight?)

However, is The Kid actually evil?

Note that he did walk away from Jackie when she started complaining about how her millennial self missed all the cool stuff in Castle Rock, like the rabid Saint Bernards, sparrows carrying off a writer’s pseudonym and The Devil literally making deals with the citizens of Castle Rock.

Side note:  how cool is Jackie for changing her name to match the name of her uncle who tried to murder his family while he stayed in an infamous resort for the winter, located in Colorado?  For the sole purpose of pissing off her parents?  I tell ya, I took a long swig of red rum for her!

But, back to my point.

I am not sure that The Kid is purely evil.

I know that we have received a lot of hints, from the use of the color red, to the fact that the word “fire” was on the neurologist’s word list, to the fact that Castle County is suffering from “unexplained” outbreaks of wild fires.

However, I think that there is more to The Kid than what meets the eye.  Again, I can’t wait to find out what that is.

Speaking of more than meets the eye…

Let’s talk about Alan Pangborn for a few minutes.

Alan has been a bit ambiguous so far, to say the least.

Last week, when he asked Ruth if she wanted to move to Texas to be closer to Henry, I couldn’t tell if he genuinely thought that Ruth would want to be closer to her son, or if he was trying to manipulate her, and cause tension between her and Henry by having that conversation with her.

But we saw a different side of Alan this week.

In other words, this side of Alan is closer to the man I met when I read Needful Things and The Dark Half.

Stick er Scott Glenn is perfect casting for this role, as he can somehow pull off grizzled and cynical along with sweet and tender, often in the same scene.

The scene where Ruth helps Alan tie his necktie was one of the best scenes.  When Alan tells Ruth that he loves her, those words feel genuine.  The fact that we witness that scene while Henry is watching, so that we see it from his vantage point, makes it that much more special.

Alan making reference to his ambition to be a magician and his love of magic was also a nice touch, as this was the man who used magic and sleight of hand to (literally) drive The Devil himself away from Castle Rock.

I also have a funny feeling that his speech in regards to magic and misdirection serves as a bit of foreshadowing, as this show appears to be about misdirection.

The scenes in the hospital where both Alan and Henry are awaiting news in regards to Ruth were also one of the best parts of this particular episode.

You could almost feel an uneasy truce between these two characters, who have (understandably) been at odds.

But I think they will end up putting on the get-along shirt and forming an alliance, as they will need to band together, not only for the sake of Ruth, but also for the sake of the town and its inhabitants, as something is either going down in Castle Rock, or is about to go down.

And how about that final scene?

Alan finds out that The Kid is on the loose, via an app on his cell phone.  And I will be damned if The Kid wasn’t looking straight at Alan as Alan was viewing the video, daring Alan to drop everything and hunt him down.

Surprise, surprise.  Alan knows who The Kid is.  And is not scared of him.

The bombshell drops:  The Kid is 2,745 years old.  And not a day over!

(Well, I pulled that number out of the Todash Space, but you get the idea.)

But The Kid says he can help Ruth.

So will Alan have driven the Devil out of Castle Rock, only to potentially make another deal with him?

Arrrgh, the suspense!

Well, that’s it for Harvest.

Tune in next week for the recap and review of episode 6, titled Filter.

Tune in next week…

Same bat time, same bat  channel!




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