Castle Rock: Season 1, Episode 8 Recap and Review

Lately, I have been thinking that I need a vacation.

Things have just been a little stressful the past few days.

Work is crazy, I have not been sleeping too well.

I mean, I keep hearing this odd noise…

And I keep becoming unstuck in time, for whatever reason.

Maybe I should book myself a weekend at bed and breakfast.

Yeah, that’s the ticket!

A bed and breakfast with a theme would be even better, right?

And boy, those owners of the bed and breakfast seem so nice!

Maybe a murder house of sorts…

Or, I can just watch the show Castle Rock, and experience that bed and breakfast place for free!

Yes, I am talking about episode 8 of the artistry known as Castle Rock.

Last night’s journey was an interesting excursion, to say the least.

There actually was not a lot of that nuisance otherwise known as getting unstuck in time, but there was quite a bit of that nuisance otherwise known as murder by extremely violent, somewhat creative ways.

So join me in this week’s recap and review of episode 8, titled Past Perfect.

As always:


The episode opens with Gordon and Lilith, the couple who purchased Warden Lacey’s old house.  The couple’s relationship is troubled, as Lilith has cheated on Gordon.

Gordon and Lilith turn the house into a bed and breakfast.  The house has a “murder house” theme, made for true crime enthusiasts.  The couple also discover Warden Lacey’s paintings.  Lacey had painted several portraits of The Kid.

Shortly after moving in, the bed and breakfast receives its first customers, a couple who are actually having an affair.

Gordon hears the couple making love in the night.  Something inside of Gordon snaps, and Lilith discovers that he has murdered the couple.

The episode then flashes to Molly, who is frantically searching for Henry.  She finds him in the soundproof chamber that Odin trapped him and frees him. It is revealed that Odin has died, as he has been stabbed to death with a hot poker.

Henry comes back to his mother’s house and discovers that The Kid is there.  He also discovers Alan’s body.  Wendell calls the police, who arrive to question Henry and Ruth.  The Kid tells Henry that Ruth became frightened and accidentally shot Alan.  The Kid also wants to hide Alan’s body to protect Ruth, but Henry refuses.

The cops then leave, believing that an intruder killed Pangborn.

Back at the bed and breakfast, Gordon butchers the bodies of the couple he murdered the night before.  He is assisted by Lilith, who reassures him that it never happened.

However, the couple is interrupted by Jackie Torrance, who is curious about the new owners of the house.  Jackie wants to form a partnership with Lilith and Gordon, as she owns a cab driving business, but the couple kicks her out of the house.  As she is leaving, Jackie finds a bloody bracelet and becomes suspicious.

At the Deaver house, Ruth is still confused about what happened, and begs Henry to find Alan.  Henry becomes concerned about the safety of his son Wendell, and puts Wendell on a bus back to Boston.

As the bus is leaving town, the body of a dead bird hits the windshield of the bus.  Wendell doubles over in his seat, as he hears the ringing of the schisma.

Molly and Henry meet and discuss what they know about The Kid.  Molly confesses that she has never felt anything like what she feels when The Kid is nearby.  Henry also reveals that The Kid claims to have rescued him from a basement, and wonders if this is Warden Lacy’s basement.  Molly points out that she never found the key to the basement.

Henry then decides to explore Warden Lacy’s home to search for clues.  He discovers multiple paintings of The Kid, and deduces that The Kid has not aged.  He also discovers a portrait of The Kid in which The Kid is wearing Henry’s sweater.

Henry’s exploration is interrupted by the arrival of Gordon and Lilith.  Lilith charges at Henry with a knife but accidentally slashes her own throat.  Gordon chases Henry outside.  At that moment, Jackie Torrance arrives and attacks Gordon with an ax, killing him.

In the meantime, Wendell’s bus makes a stop at a town by the name of Jerusalem’s Lot.  Wendell steps off the bus, and heads back to Castle Rock.

At the bed and breakfast, Jackie and Henry are questioned by the cops.  Jackie explains her actions by recounting the couple’s bizarre behavior earlier that day.

Molly returns to her childhood home and finds The Kid waiting for her.  The Kid begins to reveal details from Molly’s childhood, telling her that she can help him, as Henry is not ready.

The Kid then points to the woods, and tells Molly that she died in the woods.

My Thoughts

Well, let’s get to this first:

I mean, look at that Easter Egg!

Just look at it!  Lookit!

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I am talking about where Wendell’s bus just coincidentally happened to stop (riiiggghttt…)

Yep, ‘Salem’s Lot!

A place that is okay to live, only problem is all the damn vampires!

Kid wants a night life, what can I say?

Actually, to paraphrase a certain famous character who happens to be part of the King universe, coincidence has been cancelled, sugar!

This bus station has to be the same bus station that our friend (and one of my favorite King characters) Pere Callahan used to flee from Kurt Barlow and the rest of the vampires from the cursed town of ‘Salem’s Lot.

Father Callahan is also someone who has the ability to travel to other realities.  Of course, Mid-World would have been one of these worlds.

We have received quite a few hints in regards to multiple realities on this show, the famous “thinnies” that are part of the King multi-verse and even a few bits of Dark Tower lore (like the red king chess piece.)

So I think that the inclusion of Jerusalem’s Lot is yet another little clue as to what is happening in the show, aka we are dealing with multiple realities and timelines.

Of course, I may be wrong (happens to the best of us) but at least it was damn fine Easter Egg.

Okay, time to move on from the Easter egg, and talk about the rest of this episode.

Now, I was expecting to find out what happened to Henry while he was in that chamber.

After all, we spent the last episode getting unstuck in time with poor Ruth, and then there was that tragic ending.

But I forgot, I am watching Castle Rock.  Silly me thought I knew where this episode was going!

Instead, we got something else entirely.

Something along the lines of:


‘Memba that couple who had approximately 7.2 minutes of screen time a few episodes ago?

Well, let’s bring them back.

And come up with some really creative and violent ways for the Jack Torrance-lite half of the couple to kill unsuspecting guests in the town’s new bed and breakfast that was transformed from the home of a guy who literally lost his head to a bed and breakfast with a quaint serial killer theme.

Apparently, transforming a house into a quaint bed and breakfast with a serial killer theme only takes a few minutes, at least in Castle Rock time.

And it only takes a few minutes for all work and no play to make poor Gordy something, something…

I also loved the almost CSI feel to the murders, and the noises that were actually meant to be cameras, taking shots of the crime scenes.  That added even more creepiness to an already creepy situation.

The actor who played Gordon was also something else.  You could tell he was someone who was already teetering on the edge even before he and his wife decided to make the questionable decision to open a B&B in the not so lovely hamlet of Castle Rock.

But Gordon falls off the edge entirely after setting up in Castle Rock, and it was glorious.

Enter our girl, Jackie Torrance.

Hmmm, need to see if something I found on the ground has blood on it.

What else to do but…

Put that thing in my mouth?!

We know Jackie tends to hit that pipe sometimes, but really?  Put something in your mouth to figure out if it is actually covered in blood?  Ewwww much?

But, luckily for Henry, Jackie is a Torrance, and can handle an ax.  So we can’t profile Torrances anymore, because sometimes they can save the day!

And the ending to this one…

Not the tragic, heartbreaking ending of the previous episode, but still one to make the viewer pay attention.

Molly goes back to her childhood home, for whatever reason.  Perhaps some part of her knew what would be waiting for her there.

Of course, The Kid is waiting for her.

And things start off innocently enough.

The Kid brings up several childhood memories of Molly’s.  Some of them are quite charming, like the fact that she painted her nails with white out when she was a child.

Then, a bombshell.

(I know, something new and different from this show.  RIP Sheriff Pangborn, btw.)

The Kid points to the woods, and informs Molly that she died.

After that, the closing credits roll.

So, what happened?

Did Molly die, and we missed it?

She did take a few pills and then made the not so wise decision to get behind the wheel of a car.

It is possible that she is dead, and not exactly aware of it.

But then again, what purpose would that serve?  The show has already killed one major character (Alan, sniff.)  Killing off another one just doesn’t seem like it would add anything to the story.

Or is something else entirely going on?

After all, this show has hinted at time travel and multiple realities.

Is it possible that The Kid is referring to another version of Molly?

Molly is gifted with paranormal abilities.  Did this happen because she is actually dead in another reality?

Anything is possible at this point, but I am leaning in this direction.

But still…

Almost another week to go…


Well, that’s it for Past Perfect!

Join me next week for the recap and review of episode 9, titled Henry Deaver.

Tune in next week…

Same bat time, same bat channel!






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