Ledger Entry 003: Survivors

This is one of many ledger entries written by a Constant Reader who has made her umpteenth visit to the world of The Stand, by Stephen King.

(Or a journal entry, if you prefer.  You know, back in the prehistoric days where we *gasp* used pencil and paper to write.)

In fact, you could argue that perhaps she has visited this particular world a few too many times, and is a little obsessed, as she has written a series of  entries detailing her adventures.

So, let us take a peek into this world.  Oh, and as always:

Dear Ledger,

Whew.  Lots of things happening in this journey right now.  So let me get down to business and give you some updates.

First of all, back to that walkin’ guy.

Yeah, I know.  I can’t shut up about him.

But there is a reason for that.

As in:  What.  The.  Actual.  Fuck.

Ledger, I just saw something.  It was pretty terrible, too.

And for some reason, no one talks about it.

This walkin’ dude, he broke into this guy’s house.  This guy had been paid a visit by that Captain Trips fella, so you know he was on his way out.

But this guy (his name is Kit) received a visit from this walkin’ dude.

No, the walkin’ dude did not drop by to bring over chicken soup.

(Or a bullet with a couple of guns.  This Captain Trips fella is ruthless, after all.)

No folks, this creature made this sick man purchase him a vehicle, and register said vehicle.

So, I guess he takes that “lawful evil” label seriously?

Then he climbed on that guy’s chest.

Yes, you read that right.  He climbed on that guy’s chest.  Like an animal.

And then he hovered in mid-air above Kit’s chest, and demanded to know where the vehicle was.

Ledger, I can’t even.

Although I suppose he is now lawful evil?

One bad motherfucker, but at least he is a bad motherfucker with his papers in working order, right?

Anyway, that’s enough of him, at least for right now.  I am sure we will be talking about this walkin’ guy at some point later, and at length.

Let’s talk about our friends.

Turns out I was right about that fella from East Texas, and right about what would happen if anyone tried to keep him imprisoned in that so-called research facility that actually (well, probably) employs people who are responsible for this whole mess.

Stu is now a free man.  And boy, that escape was glorious.

They send a man to kill my friend.  Well, that should learn them to mess with that man from East Texas, right?

Even better, Stu is no longer alone.

He found a man named Glen Bateman.

Glen seems nice enough, even though he talks.  A LOT.

I like Glen though.

I think Glen’s observations about people, and what happens when people band together and form large groups, are actually spot on.

(Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups, right?)

I look forward to getting to know Glen better.

Oh, and Nick.

Yikes, Ledger.

Nick got in a pretty bad fight.  Of course, it was with the one member of that gang of cowards who attacked him the first time who wasn’t caught by law enforcement.

But Nick puts up a pretty mean fight, so he won and survived.

He was badly injured though.  I think he will be okay, even though he has been having some strange dreams…

Dreams about some guy in dark clothes?  How about that?

It looks like Frannie and Harold have formed an alliance, as they are the only two survivors in their hometown.  I am still not sure about Harold.  He seems like he could get violent under the right (or maybe wrong) circumstances.

Harold seems to be a bit possessive of Frannie, even though they are not dating.  Not together.  At all.  But does he know that?

Although Harold and Frannie did spend some time listening to old records on the phonograph.

It brought up memories of a time that is now long gone for the hapless survivors of Captain Trips.

Listening to those songs was beautiful, but also bittersweet.  We know that nothing will ever be the same in this new, strange and terrible world.  So best to have something to hold on to, like the memory of those songs.

Don’t dream it’s over

And there is Lloyd.

Lloyd is slowing starving to death in his prison cell.

He has been forgotten, in the midst of this flu epidemic.

Forgotten, just like how Lloyd forgot his rabbit all those years ago.

That rabbit starved to death.  Its paws were bloody, either from trying to escape the cage or from eating itself.

And Lloyd is eating himself right now.

Both literally, as the human body eats itself when no food is available, and metaphorically, due to the anger he has at everyone responsible for his situation, including himself.

Lloyd is vulnerable to an evil influence right now, due to the starvation.  And this will be dangerous somewhere on down the line.

But Ledger, I’m not done yet.

I have met someone else in this strange, new world.

His legal name is Donald Merwin Elbert.

But almost no one knows him by that name.

He is known as The Trashcan Man.

And I don’t even know where to begin with him.

Part of me is frightened of him.

This man has a penchant for setting fires.  This could be dangerous, especially in this new world, where all the weapons are still laying around, waiting for someone to pick them up.

Like I said before, this Trashcan Man has set fire to things, like garbage cans (hence his name.)

And mailboxes.  He torched some old lady’s mailbox and burned her pension check.

But, I feel bad for Trashy too (I already have nickname for his nickname, how about that?)

His father was crazy and tried to kill his entire family.  Trashy lost a couple of siblings, but he and his mother survived.  His father was then shot by the police.

His mother remarried ( to the sheriff, no less.) But Trashy was never the same.

He set fires and his mother had him institutionalized.  Trashy received those horrible treatments known as electroshock therapy.

And, there was bullying.  Lots of it.  That didn’t

Really, I think that electroshock therapy just made him that much worse.  He became more and more isolated.

Like Lloyd, Trashy is vulnerable to evil influences.

Can you imagine what would happen if someone gathered all these lost souls, who have so much anger and the capacity to do bad things?

I am afraid.

Very afraid.

Welp, I got to go Ledger.

But don’t worry, I will be back soon…

Things are starting to get interesting, and I don’t want to miss out!





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