Castle Rock: Season 1, Episode 9 Recap and Review

Life can be so confusing sometimes.

You might think you have things figured out, but then you just get thrown for a (time) loop.

So, sometimes you just need to kick back (in your cage,)

Grab something tasty (your Wonder Bread) and…

Tell yourself, oh hey, what the schisma

And go watch Castle Rock!

So yeah, episode 9.  Henry Deaver.

No, not this guy.

Or this one.

That was the title to the episode.

And if you thought that the ride was wild in the previous eight episodes, well buckle up, my friend.

Because the show completely took its foot off the break with this second to last episode.

And the writers now have just jammed that accelerator, so that we can hurry to our destination, whatever that may be.

So, without any further ado, here is is my recap and review of the ninth episode of Castle Rock, titled Henry Deaver.

As always:


The episode begins with a day in the life of a man who appears to be The Kid.  However, this man clearly lives in another reality and a time that is closer to our present, as he is a neurologist who works in the field of bio-engineering.  This man has invented an implant that may cure Alzheimer’s disease, as demonstrated on a cat suffering from the feline version of the disease.

The man receives a call alerting him that something has happened in his hometown.  The caller is Alan Pangborn, who lives with his wife Ruth in Sarasota, Florida.  The man then makes a trip to his hometown of Castle Rock, Maine.

When he arrives at Castle Rock, the man meets a woman who appears to be Molly Strand.  However, this Molly does not have a drug addiction and is a successful city council woman.  We then learn the man’s name:  Henry Deaver.

It turns out that in this reality, Henry Deaver’s father has committed suicide.  Henry comes to town in order to settle his affairs.  Henry’s parents are divorced, as it turns out that his father, who was a minister, abused him as a child.  Ruth Deaver escaped from Castle Rock and moved to Boston when Henry was a child, and was later joined by Alan Pangborn.  This version of Ruth Deaver also suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, which prompted her son to study neurology and to find a cure for the disease.

When he explores his father’s house, Henry finds several old audiotapes and views them.  The tapes describe a sound that the Reverend Deaver believed to be the voice of God.  The reverend also describes something else:  a boy that he claimed appeared out of nowhere and who was found in the woods of Castle Rock.

The reverend states that the boy claimed his name was Henry Deaver, and that he was the couple’s adopted son.  The young boy described certain details in regards to both of his parents, causing the reverend to believe that he was evil.  The reverend locked the boy in a cage in a basement, because he was convinced that freeing the boy would bring evil upon the town.

Henry explores the basement of his house and finds the cage.  The boy is the young version of Henry Deaver in the show’s main timeline. Henry notifies the police, who take the boy to a facility for children.

Henry then confides in Molly in regards to the young boy.  Molly tells Henry that they need to try to help the boy, as he had been imprisoned in the reverend’s house for years, and it is unfair to lock him up again.

Molly and Henry arrive at the child welfare facility.  There has been a fire, with several children dead and some missing.  The young Henry is accused of starting the fire.  However, Molly is able to talk the warden into releasing the boy into hers and Henry’s custody, and they drive back to the reverend’s house.

A cop named Zalewski follows Henry and Molly back to the house, so that he can keep tabs on the boy.  However, Molly tells Henry that they need to take the boy to the woods so that they can help him, and veers off into the woods.

Zalewski chases Henry, Molly and the young boy into the woods.  The schisma appears, and the young boy runs towards it.  Zalewski fires a warning shot, but mortally wounds Molly.  The young boy disappears into the schisma, and takes Henry with him.

Both the young boy and the older version of Henry appear in 1991, in the setting shown at the beginning of the first episode.  Younger Henry is rescued by Alan Pangborn.  The older Henry is captured by Warden Lacy.

The show flashes back to The Kid and Molly.  The Kid asks Molly if she believes his story.

Whooo, boy.

Do we have some major unpacking to do after this episode, or what?

First of all, let us do a break down as to what is happening on the show.

Before we do that, though, let me clarify something.

We are going to call this guy Henry.

And this guy, otherwise known as The Eater of Wonder Bread, will be known as Henry Prime:

Because, well, putting the Prime after his name is all scientific and cool sounding.  It.  Just.  Is.

So, to summarize what we  know so far, based on what The Kid has told us and what the writers have slipped in:

In 1991, the not so good Reverend Deaver was experimenting with the properties of the schisma.  He was likely assisted by Odin Branch.  How he came to know Odin or even what reality Odin is from is still unknown.

Henry told his father that he could hear the Voice of God, or the humming of the schisma.  This prompted the reverend to take him out into the woods, likely in the hopes that the reverend and his creepy friend could open the door between worlds and do who knows what.

However, some kind of struggle ensued.  This resulted in the reverend being pushed off a cliff.  We still don’t know who pushed him.  It may have been Henry, maybe it was actually just an accident, because the schisma is powerful.

Somehow, Henry travels to an alternate timeline via the schisma.  He is captured by that version of the still not so good reverend, who keeps him in a cage for many years.  So not only has Henry traveled to another reality, there may have also been a jump in time, as we are not sure what year in the other reality Henry lands in.

There seems to be a property of the schisma that allows those who travel through it to not age.  Why this is the case is not clear, perhaps if one doesn’t belong in a particular reality, that person doesn’t age.  We know that the reverend had preached several times about immortality, so perhaps this was something he was experimenting with.

We now know that Henry Prime (oooh, that sounds so cool) is the biological son of Ruth and Matthew Deaver in an alternate reality.  Henry Prime’s life turned out differently, as he did not die during his birth, and also because Ruth was able to escape her abusive husband, after she realized that her husband was trying to perform experiments with the schisma on Henry Prime.

Henry Prime leads a relatively normal life, for the most part.  He left Castle Rock, and was part of a healthy, well adjusted household, courtesy of Ruth and Alan.  He becomes a scientist or doctor, and is trying to cure Alzheimer’s disease.  He has a beautiful wife and will probably have a beautiful family.

However, that normal life is destroyed when Henry Prime returns to Castle Rock.  Henry Prime’s version of Castle Rock is also happy and healthier that the show’s “main” Castle Rock, for whatever reason.  It seems that several events that occur in the main Castle Rock did not occur in this alternate one, so maybe that is the reason why it is line with “our” Molly’s vision.

Henry Prime and Molly Prime (I may as well) encounter Henry.  And all hell breaks loose.  Henry’s presence causes chaos, in the deaths at the children’s facility and the death of Molly.

Henry Prime runs afoul of the schisma.  This causes him to be displaced into an alternate reality, and he also travels backwards in time at least 20+ years.  He is captured by Lacy, and imprisoned at Shawshank for 27 years.  Henry Prime is released when Henry arrives at Castle Rock.


Clear as mud, right?

Now, this episode has helped a lot of things make sense.  As of now, I don’t disbelieve the words coming out The Kid’s mouth (oh, those lips are so kissable too), although there may be more to the story.

But for now, this is a working theory.  It may be blown up next week, but that is next week.

And there was so much to love about this episode, even though we did not (unfortunately) have the pleasure of seeing Pennywise’s tight little tushie.

Even at the beginning, I could see the love put into this episode.

In other words, when Henry Prime receives that phone call.

There is no face, but we all know that voice.

The  voice of Alan Pangborn.  We lost Alan a couple of episodes ago, although with this show, that feels more like a few decades.

But hearing his voice reminded us Constant Readers of something important:

There are other worlds than these.

While watching this episode, this blogger also realized that this was indeed the first time she had seen Bill Skarsgård when he wasn’t a demonic clown and also the first time that he appeared to be human and speaking in complete sentences.

Yes, this blogger things she could get used to that.

I also think that the implications of this episode, if everything that we are being told is actually true, are big.

Yes, we  do have the schisma, aka the thinny Twinner.

But really, that is the only supernatural element at play in this episode.

In other words, let’s have us some good old fashioned human fuckery!

Insert here:  Stephen King blah blah blah blah writes about real people blah blah humans are the worst monsters.  Insert more blah blah to sound cool.

If everything we have been told is to be believed, two innocent people have been put in cages because a couple of religious fanatic assholes (and they are probably assholes in whatever reality they belong in) believed that those people were evil incarnate, the Devil, etc.

Those people were blamed for all the bad things that happened in the area.

And bad things indeed happened, but that was because they were not in their proper dimensions.

In other words, the universe does not like pineapple with its pizza.

But those people were told they were not human, and were treated as less than human.

All because of a couple of men who were playing with toys that they had not grown into.

Those two guys tried to communicate with the people who they thought were good people.

Henry tried to convince his father, the man who should be his protector.  But he was not believed, and locked in a cage when he told the man who appeared to be his father how his father liked his eggs cooked.

Henry Prime was locked in Warden Lacy car TRUNK.  They run into Alan, who is essentially Henry Prime’s father in the alternate reality, and Alan does NOTHING to help his son and is even complicit in keeping him locked up.

Henry Prime also tries to embrace Ruth, his mother, but she runs in fear, because all she can see is the Reverend Asshole.

The pain felt by these guys is just unfathomable.  It compares to going to sleep one night and then waking up to your world being turned upside down, or maybe viewed through the looking glass.  And the only thing you understand is that everyone hates you and blames you for everything that has gone wrong, and all you want to do is go back through the looking glass.

So, things are wrong.

Two people have already paid the price, aka Alan and Molly Prime.

Obviously, things still need to be righted.  But so many monkey wrenches, like Wendell, have been thrown into the works.

And things need to be set right.

And set right in about 45-60 minutes.

Next Wednesday may as well be 27 years away…


So, that’s it for Henry Deaver!

Tune in next week for the wild ride that will be the recap and review of the season finale, Romans!

Tune in next week…

Same bat time, same bat channel!








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