Ledger Entry 0004: Dreams and Fellowship

This is one of many ledger entries written by a Constant Reader who has made her umpteenth visit to the world of The Stand, by Stephen King.

(Or a journal entry, if you prefer.  You know, back in the prehistoric days where we *gasp* used pencil and paper to write.)

In fact, you could argue that perhaps she has visited this particular world a few too many times, and is a little obsessed, as she has written a series of  entries detailing her adventures.

So, let us take a peek into this world.  Oh, and as always:

Dear Ledger,

Oh boy.

Yeah, I am in deep now.

So oh boy, do I have a lot to tell you!

I have some good news and some bad news.

Good news is that Lloyd is now free.  So good for him, right?

Well, see the part about the bad news.

Guess who set him free?

Yeah, that walkin’ fella.  Good guess, Ledger!

Now Lloyd is under the employ of that walkin’ fella.  Lloyd is not very bright, but he is loyal to anyone (I mean remember Poke?)

So god help us all.

More good news:  The Trashcan Man finally left Indiana!

Oh yes, got some bad news on that too:  He met The Kid

The Kid.  The man (if he is even human) is a grade A psycho path.

He would piss Coors Light if he could.

(Ew.  The world has ended and people are still drinking Coors light?  I weep for the future!)

Don’t tell me, I’ll tell you!

You got that right, happy crappy!

So poor Trashy got stuck with this reincarnation of god knows what (kind of reminds me of Charles Starkweather for some reason.)

Not only does the guy have terrible taste in alcoholic beverages, he seems to be obsessed with the 1950’s.

And Trash got stuck with that.

Alone. In a hotel room.

Ledger, I am not even going to divulge the details on that one, as I am still in the process of bleaching my corneas to get rid of the unwanted images.

But, things turned out okay for Trash.

(Well, as okay as things can turn out in a world decimated by the super flu and an evil dude with worn down cowboy boots who wants to enslave the survivors, I guess.)

Yeah, our walkin’ fella came through.

I have to give him props on this.

I mean, maybe that walkin’ fella is Hillary Clinton, but The Kid is definitely Donald Trump.

And I don’t want Trump er The Kid having any sort of power over this world.

Talk about a horror story!

Okay, Ledger…

Time to talk about something else now.

M-O-O-N, that spells let’s change the subject!

Yeah, met someone else.

He and my man Nick are pretty good friends.

M-O-O-N that spells…

Tom Cullen!

In a world like this, we need more Nick Andros’s and Tom Cullen’s.

In fact, Tom and Nick took shelter in a barn because there was a tornado.

As if the tornado wasn’t scary enough, that Randall Flagg character may have tried to make an appearance when Tom and Nick were taking shelter from the tornado.

Laws yes, wasn’t that scary?

Luckily, they are now out of Arkansas (although not on their way to Kansas City, haha.)

Nick and Tom were also lucky enough to meet a fella named Ralph Brentner.  So now Tom knows Nick’s name (since he couldn’t read and Nick can’t talk, of course.)


And it looks like those three are taking a road trip, but more on that in a bit.

Let’s get back to Frannie and Harold.

Now, things have gotten pretty interesting with those two.

See, they have met up with Glen and Stu.

And I think Stu and Frannie really, really like each other.

Isn’t that  great?

Well, I don’t think that Harold thinks that is great.

Several other folks joined up with Fran, Harold, Stu and Glen.  It’s another road trip, and I think that they are headed somewhere specific.

There were quite a few adventures to be had when these people got together, and a couple of them were pretty scary.

Especially that gang of men who kept several women and called those women their “zoo.”

Luckily, Stu and company were able to fight those guys off, adding a couple of more cool people to their group in the process (especially Sue Stern and Dana Jurgyens.  I love those two.)

But now, Fran and Stu are a couple.  They may try to hide it from Harold, but it is not going to be pretty when Harold finds out.

Someone who never smiles with his eyes makes me nervous.

But, enough about Stu and company for now.  Plenty of time to talk about them later.

Earlier, I said that these people seemed to have a specific destination in mind.  No one appears to be randomly picking a spot on the map to travel.

The people on the side of this walkin’ fella, they are congregating in Vegas.  Somehow, that fits.

But of course there are people who are repulsed by that guy.  In fact, quite a few people are not on his side.

Every yin has a yang.

Every Coke has a Pepsi.

Where there is darkness, there is always light.

And the people trying to survive in this post apocalyptic world have found their light.

Their light is an old woman who lives in Hemingford Home, Nebraska.

(Somehow, that sounds familiar.)

(Definitely familiar.)

M-O-O-N, that spells…

Mother Abagail!

One hundred and eight years old, and she still makes her own biscuits!

She may be old, but she is not one to trifle with.

Just as the walkin’ fella is face of evil, Mother Abagail is the face of good, which is needed now, more than ever.

And we know how powerful the man with the initials R.F. is, as he was able to break Lloyd free from prison, and send a pack of wolves after the abomination otherwise known as The Kid.

So, if he is that powerful, Mother Abagail would be at least as powerful, in her own way, and maybe even more powerful (if you are optimistic like me in believing that good will ultimately triumph over evil.)

And both sides are drafting folks, if you will.

Every single survivor is having dreams of some kind.  Every.  Single.  One.

Some are being pulled towards the dark man and his settlement in Vegas.

Others are being pulled towards Mother Abagail, and wherever she and her folks will end up (I have a funny feeling that will end up being West as well.)

Still others are conflicted, and we may see some people who change allegiances, although that could be dangerous if you have already settled in Las Vegas.

This will certainly be interesting, to say the least.

Welp, Ledger.

I got to go, at least for now.

Don’t worry, I will be back soon.

Things are starting to get interesting, and I am not one to jump ship when it gets interesting.

So bye for now, and I can’t wait to talk to you again soon!







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