Castle Rock: Season 2, Episode 6 Recap and Review

Well, it is that time of year.

The time of year when Halloween is officially in the rear view mirror, but not so far behind that putting up your Christmas tree should really be outlawed by the Geneva Convention, in a just and fair world.

The time of year when your football team decides to lose to the football equivalent of House of Hufflepuff

In other words, it is the time of year for all that is spooky and scary.

Now, I admit that I am a wimp when it comes to scary stuff.

I mean, I cover my eyes at it, especially when my house’s quarterback throws an interception in a pocket so clean he could have ordered pizza and taken an Instagram selfie, when playing against the Hufflepuffs.

But, being scared is fun.

So I continue to do things like watch Colts football.

And read books written by that guy who is known for writing scary books.

And oh yeah…

Watch shows like Castle Rock.

I need shows like Castle Rock, in fact.

I mean, I have to balance out the horror of Colts football with something, right?

The latest of episode of Castle Rock, titled The Mother, served that purpose nicely.

Once again, episode 6 was tense, scary and an emotional roller coaster as well.

A nice counter to watching my house lose to those Hufflepuffs.

So, let’s dive into the recap and review of episode 6.

And, as always:


The episode begins with Rita Green attending a group therapy session.  Rita is a recovering alcoholic.  Her alcoholism was brought on by the death of Annie’s father and the disappearance of her daughter.

Rita, who now lives in New York, returns to her home after the therapy session and receives a call from Joy.  The call is cut off, but Rita is able to trace the call to Castle Rock and Ace’s rental properties.

An intoxicated Annie is escorted home by Ace.  After Ace drops Annie off at her house, he murders a random couple.  Ace places the bodies of the couple in coffins in The Marsten House, and begins to pray over the bodies in a foreign tongue.

Nadia confronts Abdi over Pop’s involvement in the death of their mother.  Nadia expresses her anger at her brother for keeping the secret, and kicks him out of their shared home.

Rita then arrives in Castle Rock.  She questions Chance about Joy, as the phone number belongs to Chance.  Annie spots Rita on the property, and panics, running back into the house.  Annie frantically searches for her lock box, but realizes that it is missing.

Ace discovers that one of the bodies is missing.  The woman stumbles onto the side of Nadia’s car.  Nadia rushes the woman to the hospital.  The doctors at the hospital struggle to diagnose the woman, and it is noted that she has two blood types.  The woman disappears again, because she has been taken back to The Marsten House so that Ace can complete the ritual.

Annie writes Joy a letter, confessing the truth of Joy’s origins.  Joy meets with Rita.  Rita tells Joy the truth of her parentage, which is too much for Joy to handle.

Annie finds Joy in the woods and gives her the letter.

When Annie returns home, she finds Rita waiting for her, armed with a gun.  Rita ushers Annie out into the woods.

Chris meets with Nadia, who says that the two of them should leave Castle Rock.  Chris, who has been possessed, offers Nadia a glass of wine.

Joy returns home to find Annie gone.  Joy has decided that she wishes to stay with Annie, and frantically searches for Annie and Rita in the woods.

Finally, Joy finds Annie and Rita in the woods.  There is a struggle with the gun, and Rita drops the gun.  However, the gun goes off, and hits Rita in the stomach.

Annie frantically tries to save Rita from bleeding out, but the police arrive.

My Thoughts

Castle Rock is moving the chains down the field, marching to whatever horrific red zone lies at the end of the field (unlike an offense led by Brian Hoyer.)

Last week, we spent most of the episode in the past, although the writers made sure that the little time the episode spent in the present counted for more than a little something.

Unlike the previous episode, we circled back to the supernatural in this one.

In other words, The Marsten House.

And Ace and his cult of Egg Eaters.

(Really, am I the only still shuddering over the fact someone could actually eat one of those pickled eggs? Ew, gross, may as well just eat it raw, right?)

But seriously, Ace’s zombie self seems to have some kind of plan for Annie.

Annie was escorted home by the zombie and was unharmed.

The zombie then said something about Annie being a prophet of some kind.

Earlier, one of the people that Ace and his cult of egg eaters had kidnapped a couple and then attempted to turn them into fellow egg eaters.

The woman, who specifically stated that she was suffering from mental illness and on medication for her ailments, nearly made an escape to the hospital.

Nadia was (unknowingly) able to scientifically observe one of these creatures, in a scientific setting, aka the hospital.

The woman was observed to have two different blood types.

I am sure that if the woman did not escape from the hospital, we would probably notice some other interesting oddities.

Seriously, this was a call back to a certain scene in ‘Salem’s Lot when a man of medicine observes a vampire from what is probably the same hospital, and is then struck with something that science has no explanation for.

I think this woman suffering from mental illness and taking medications for it is not just a random detail, but something that may be an integral part of the story line in an episode or two.

After all, Annie suffers from mental illness and takes medication for it.

I may be on to something here, or maybe I’m not.

But I would still like to quote another famous King character:

Coincidence has been canceled, sugar.

Another observation in regards to this episode:

The voicemails.

And the feels.

Lots of feels.

The scenes between Abdi and Nadia were heart-wrenching, to say the least.  And we had Pop’s voicemail to Nadia as a backdrop.

It felt like Nadia cut off Abdi, the one person she had left.

That was sad.

But it looks like Nadia has put herself in a vulnerable position, in the hands (or whatever other awful weapons) of zombie Chris.

So now Nadia is being pulled into this cult of whatever we call it whose home base is The Marsten House.

Surely, nothing good can come of this.

And then there was the roller coaster that was Joy, Rita and Annie.

Sarah Gadon’s performance in this episode was outstanding.  I have no other words for it.

Rita clearly “snapped,” in this episode, for understandable reasons.

But the character was still sympathetic.

Basically, Rita found her daughter, but was set to lose her again, as Joy made the choice to stay with Annie.

(Two words:  trauma bonding.)

Elsie Fisher, the actress who plays Joy, was another stand out in this episode.

The facial expressions when she interacted with Rita were beautiful, I could just see the inner turmoil of finding out that your life has been a lie just play across Joy’s face.

And again, we have people in a vulnerable position.

Rita has been shot (possibly dead), and Annie and Joy are at the mercy of the police.

Four more episodes.

And the plot continues to thicken.

Well, that’s it for The Mother.

Tune in next week for the recap and review of episode 7, titled The Word.

Tune in net week…

Same bat time, same bat channel!

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