Castle Rock, Season 2, Episode 7: Recap and Review

Lately, my Wednesdays have come to a nice little return.

Get up.

Make coffee.

Walk a dog or two so that my house remains standing.

Maybe take in a little “refreshment.”

And finally, tune in and watch Castle Rock.

And then straighten up my scrambled brain cells, pick my jaw off the floor, and go about my day.

(I am kind of fussy about my house being clean and my brain cells having some kind of order, after all.)

Well, that has been pretty typical lately.

Although that last part isn’t always part of the day.

However, we had this week’s Wednesday.

And episode 7 of Castle Rock, titled The Word.

I had to spend some quality getting my brain back in order, so that I could finally come to my senses and pick my jaw off the floor.

Sheesh, and I though cleaning up after dogs sucked…

What does not suck is this season of Castle Rock.

And the latest episode.

Far from sucking, as a matter of fact.

I love it when plot points in a story slowly begin to converge, and everyone and everything starts to walk the same path.

Throw in a major revelation that changes everything about the show or story in question, and I am set!

Well, I got my wish with the latest episode.  Wishes do sometimes come true!

Yeah, time to stop rambling, and get to the good stuff, right?

In other words, here is my recap and review of episode 7.

And, as always:


The episode begins in New Jerusalem in 1619.  We are introduced to a young woman named Amity, who is part of a colony of French speaking settlers.

Amity tries to tell the rest of the colony that the ground in New Jerusalem is cursed.  Amity then has a seizure, leaving the other settlers to believe that she is possessed.

The rest of the colony then tries to figure out what to do with Amity,  Amity is then cast out of the colony, along with her lover Augustin, who was also the colony’s preacher.

Amity and Augustin are then left to their own devices in the woods.  Amity wanders to the edge of a cliff, where she encounters a dark, hooded figure.

The episode then brings us back to the present day to Ace, who is working in The Marsten House.  Ace happens to be looking at drawing on one of the walls that appears to be a rendering of Amity and the hooded figure.  It becomes apparent that Ace is possessed by Augustin.

The town of Castle Rock prepares to celebrate its 400th anniversary via a parade.

Annie is being questioned by the police.  She admits to killing Rita, but leaves out the fact that Rita was her stepmother and Joy’s biological mother.  Annie and Joy are then taken to the police station.

Pop pays a visit to Shawshank State Prison.  He learns that Ace has been trying to access Cell Block F and the prisoner who is housed in that area.  Pop also learns that the prisoner has disappeared.

Pop then heads to The Marsten House and confronts Ace.  Ace and the rest of the possessed townspeople are not receptive to the visit and tell Pop to leave.

Ace briefs the rest of the townspeople about something he calls “The Vessel,”which happens to be Annie Wilkes.  It appears that Ace plans to use Annie’s body to revive Amity.

The episode jumps back to the past.  Amity tells her followers that the hooded figure has told her that she and her followers must sacrifice themselves, so that they can be reborn in years, when they are destined for greatness.  Amity and Augustin then begin the bloody ritual.

Pop tries to warn Abdi about Ace and The Marsten House, but Abdi will not hear of it.

Later on, Abdi heads to The Marsten House to investigate.  He is horrified to see burning crosses that are hanging upside down, and flees the site.

As the town celebrates its anniversary with a parade, Ace states that he has gift for the town.  Ace then unveils the gift:  it is a statue of the hooded figure whom Amity spoke to on the edge of the cliff in 1619.

Once again, the episode flashes back to the past.  The hooded figure reveals its face to Amity, and we learn that face belongs to The Kid.

My Thoughts

Or more appropriately, WHAT THE SCHISMA???

Well, we will get to that in a minute.

After all, there was a little to this episode, right?

So, here it goes:

Blah blah blah.

Saw Annie briefly, Annie made funny when she said that she had no idea why a crazy woman does what she does.

Joy and Annie are now at the police station.  This is not good in so many ways.

Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Had a quick glance of Abdi and Pop.

How screwed is Abdi now?

Has anyone thought to question the whereabouts of Nadia and her n’er do well zombie fuck buddy?

Blah. Blah. Blah.

Oh, nice little twist where Pop walks into Shawshank State Prison of all places.

If you don’t get this, well then, you are quite obtuse!

Blah blah.

Flashbacks to 1619.

Weird cult.

Scary statue.

Blah blah blah.

Guy in a hood.

We get to see guy in hood’s face.


I am paying attention now!

This episode was brought to you by cell block F…

Or maybe by the letters R and F?

So, to sum it up:

A guy (and I use that word quite loosely) in a black hood has been chilling in Castle Rock.

Now, as an unabashed Stephen King and Dark Tower fan, what do you think seeing someone in a black hood does to me?

(No, I did not get the urge to follow him across some desert.  Very funny.)

So, I was busy geeking out about this.

Then I saw kids in clown makeup at the parade.

And red balloons.

Oh, and a certain red Plymouth Fury

The geek meter was already getting dangerously high.

But, I forgot about those little details when the dude in the dark hood showed his face.

The Kid, y’all!



It was exciting enough that maybe a certain person with a set of infamous initials (at least in the King multiverse) may be tied to this show.

But that guy is The Kid!

Now, I did love this episode all the way up to the reveal at the end.

We got a history lesson in regards to Castle Rock.  I have been wanting that, and I was indulged.

We got some cool little Easter Eggs.

This episode was so New England, with its focus on early colonists and witches.  The imagery of the forest complemented that nicely, and the costumes of the early settlers were excellent.

The only thing missing to make this more New England (no, I am not talking Patriots football) would be some kind of Eldritch monster arising from the sea.

(Although who knows, we have 3 episodes left.)

But the reveal of the hooded guy as The Kid just pushed that love into the stratosphere.

This reveal changes so much for this entire universe.

In the first season, we were led to believe that The Kid (and his cute tushie) was from another universe.)

The Kid wanted us to believe that he was Henry Deaver Prime.

He was the biological child of Ruth and Matthew Deaver in an alternate timeline, where he is a medical doctor who has invented a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease.  He also has a lovely wife who is probably pregnant with his child.

But, The Kid was accidentally thrown into this alternate universe.

Apparently, the multiverse does not like pineapple on its pizza, so that is why bad things happen in The Kid’s presence.

A nice, pretty explanation.

Something we all wanted to hear.

But, this story is just that.

A story.

A story made up by someone (or something) who the citizens of Castle Rock need to be protected from.

(As a side note Henry Deaver may not be the hero Castle Rock deserves, but he is definitely the one it needs right now.)

And oh yeah, Henry Deaver.

The actual Henry Deaver, who makes me wish I could put a trademark symbol next to his name when referencing him.

Last season, we were lead to believe that Henry Deaver also made an involuntary trip into an alternate universe.

Henry was missing for several days, but has no memory of what happened to him.

If we are to believe The Kid, our trademarked Henry spent many years in the alternate universe, not aging because he is in the wrong timeline.

Our trademarked Henry then escaped using that schisma thing-a-ma-jig, and was able to get back to his own timeline, but without his memories.

Well, this reveal brings up quite a few questions.

Such as what really happened to our Henry?

Somehow, I don’t think he was stuck in a alternate timeline, held captive by a crazy preacher.

Oh, and the coincidences.

There are too few of them to ignore.

In fact, I think it’s safe to say that they have been cancelled, if you will.

There is the cliff.

Amity meets her alleged insect eating angel on that cliff.

Henry Deaver pushed his father off of that cliff.

There is also that the Annie and Joy just happened to get waylaid in Castle Rock just as all this excitement starts to happen.

Somehow, Annie just manages to find the one spot where you can bury someone and have him come back to life.

Annie’s father also just happened to be the author of a story called The Ravening Angel, which had a plot curiously similar to what happened in Castle Rock in 1619.

Also, the title…need I say more?

Joy has artistic ability, as did Amity.

Again, I don’t think there is any such thing as coincidence any more.

And I am anxious to see how these threads knit together.

Well, that’s it for The Word.

Join me next week for the recap and review of episode 8, titled Dirty.

Tune in next week…

Same bat time, same bat channel!

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