The Great Race: My Review of The Running Man

Lately, the world has been a bit topsy-turvy.

Maybe I am looking at it through a looking glass

Or did Barry Allen make an ill-advised trip, and travel back in time, so now that we have a paradox on our hands, so to speak?

(Not to be confused with our beloved Earth 2, where science accelerates at a rapid rate, and villains are the mayors of cities and heroes are well…kinda douchebags, actually.)

Maybe I traveled into an alternate reality, where Superman is the adopted son of undocumented migrant workers, and has a really, really close relationship with Zod, and Batman is literally backwards, and kind of sucks…

Well, actually no.

Not that I am knocking on any of the above, and wouldn’t be open to a little possible experimentation…

Although I could argue that Barry Allen and his ill-advised time travel has had some kind of effect on my reality…

After all, the Cubs are World Series champions!

And we may not have Leonard Snart as mayor, but hey, we have a Cheeto for president! So maybe that time travel did do something!

Now, if only it had won me the lottery…

Or at least given me cool super powers!

Okay, back on topic…

I have actually traveled to alternate reality, even though that trip to Earth 2 is still on my bucket list.

In other words, I have read a book written by that Bachman fella…

Well, I am really not sure if those guys are one in the same, even if that whole story about death from cancer of the pseudonym is slightly suspicious…

Hey, you never know.  If young boys and and middle-aged priests can “die” in one world, and be re-born into another (cooler) world, maybe writers can be stricken with cancer of the pseudonym, and end up being re-born on the Sons of Anarchy level of the Tower, where the writer in question takes a grisly sort of janitorial type of job, collecting macabre souvenirs as a form of payment…

Okay, again back on topic.

So, I read a Stephen King book.

Yeah, water is wet, the sun rises in the east, and Cheetos make terrible leaders of the free world…

So what else is new?

Well, this book is actually new, at least somewhat.

As most of us probably know, early in his career, The King of Horror decided that he would like to write non-horror stories, every now and again.

While King has actually written some fantastic books that can be classified as not horror (The Talisman, 11/22/63, Different Seasons and The Eyes of the Dragon all readily come to mind), early on his career, he was bound by some silly rules about how many books he could publish in a year.

Somebody thought that there was such a thing as too many Stephen King books!  And they thought I was the crazy one!

So King did what any sensible King of Horror would do.  He created a pseudonym.

As far as I know, this pseudonym did not come to life and murder people, forcing a flock of birds to be called, so they could carry him off, kicking and screaming.

(However, if he is employed by the friendly folks known as SAMCRO, all bets are off, as you gotta do what you gotta do to survive over there in the charming town of Charming, California.)

King named this pseudonym Richard Bachman.  And for a while, that Bachman fella did pretty well for himself.

He wasn’t a horror writer, per se.  No, Bachman explored the darkness of human nature.  Man’s inhumanity to man, in other words.

He wrote of violence at school, corporate greed and of a dystopian government, that might actually not be fiction at this point.

And Bachman also wrote of our obsession with television, and our need to be constantly entertained, even at the expense of the feelings (and maybe even lives) of our fellow man.

In other words, I am currently reading The Running Man.

Dicky Bachman has come out to play.

So let’s indulge him, as we read and dissect The Running Man.

And, as always:

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They can’t fucking leave well enough alone, can they?

Oh, fucking joy.

So fucking glad to know to you know you guys are still proliferating.

I was getting pretty fucking worried there for a minute.  I actually thought you fuckers may be going extinct…*gasp.*

Well, I was fucking wrong.  Unlike the dodo bird, you fuckers are alive and well…oh, how I fucking rejoice!


Just when we thought the internet trolls were on the verge of disappearance, we have been proved fucking wrong!

The trolls are back, and boy are they fucking busy!

troll 1

And in fucking rare form this time!

Fuck yeah, now the trolls are attacking 13 year old girls!


Why the fuck should you attack people of nearly legal age, when there are 13 year old girls just ripe for the picking?

Yeah, this chic is a fucking bad ass.  And she’s fucking black.  Because, you know…she’s fucking black!  Obviously, that means she has no fucking feelings, and is also fucking code for really being fucking 30 years old, instead of fucking 13!

I mean, after all, a fucking 13 year old black girl who has accomplished so much in her fucking (so far) short life is a real fucking threat!  A fucking 70 mph fastball, at age 13?  Oh, no…a fucking young woman of color who is on her way to doing fucking great things with her life!  Obviously, the only way to neutralize her is to attack her sexuality!  She has to fucking learn, right?  You are just fucking setting her up for the harsh realities, right?  Attacking women (of color or otherwise) is perfectly fucking acceptable!

After all, attacking women by using their sexuality against them is not fucking new!  And its not like women are subject to more fucking harassment throughout their lives that men will (probably) be ever subjected to.  No fucking double standards, no fucking double standards at all!

Oh, and you had your position on the baseball team taken away by the college you attend…what the fuck?  What were they thinking?  Who doesn’t want a troll to represent them?


Luckily for you, Ms. Davis is a pretty classy young lady (here is the definition of classy, since I just want to make sure that you have it on hand, for future Twitter trolling purposes).  She actually wants your college to give you back your position on the baseball team, and she has offered you full fucking forgiveness!

After all, someone has to show some class here, and why not the fucking victim?  Its not like she probably won’t spend the rest of her life dealing with this kind of harassment, simply due to her color and gender! No way will she have to work at least three times as hard as you to fucking prove herself, even though she shouldn’t have to!  As the fucking song goes, she has been “sentenced to a life of ease”, being a woman, and a woman of color on top of that!

So good job, trolls!  You have fucking triumphed again!  You fucking insulted an awesome, accomplished young woman, and are probably going to come out smelling like fucking roses!  You will be surviving to continue to fucking do what you do best:  harass the fuck out of defenseless people, and put them on the fucking defensive as well!

smelling like roses

I know I will fucking sleep better at night, with the knowledge that you guys will survive yet another fucking day!

internet-troll 3