We Still Make New Year’s Resolutions, Calvin!

So today is the last day of 2015…

2015 1

Tomorrow, we wake up to a brand new year.  And to a brand new start, as some may believe.

2016 1

And a boon to gym owners, as well.

gym 1

But you will not catch me in a gym.  Nor am I dieting, I like baking and cooking too much, and it would be a crime not to reap the pleasures, right?  I would like more money, but so far, that bitchy pi has not revealed my winning lotto ticket…slacker!

pi 1

Nor am I like the Indianapolis Colts.  In other words, I don’t need to do any housecleaning after 2015.

Oakland Raiders v Indianapolis Colts

In fact, like last year, I am kind of like this guy when it comes to New Year’s resolutions:

Calvin and Hobbes

Like Calvin, I think I am pretty swell, say thank ya!  The rest of the world needs to make a New Year’s resolution, not me!

But, I am going to make a resolution any way.  So maybe I am not so perfect…

Since last year’s resolution went so smashingly well, I am making a resolution for 2016.

In 2015, I re-read the entire Dark Tower series.  This included The Wind Through the Keyhole.  I read The Gunslinger, which I have a history of skipping…it was the revised version, even.

Roland 12

And since I enjoyed my journey through Mid-World with ole, long, tall and ugly so much, I decided to make another resolution involving The Master (it is this blog, don’t act surprised).

SK give me what I won

So, without further ado…

My 2016 New Year’s resolution is…


To read at least one Stephen King book a month.  And since The Master has blessed us (and hopefully continues to do so for a long, long time) with so many books, I have a lot to choose from.

Stephen King 1

I may take a trip to the sewers of Derry with The Losers Club…at my own risk, of course.


Or meet up with a notorious HI-TONED SON OF A BITCH, although I hear he has an aversion to certain kinds of birds…


Or maybe do a bit of shopping…I hear the owner negotiates!

Needful things 2

But hopefully, no car trouble on my journey…

Christine 3

I can reunite with old friends, like Travelin’ Jack!

black house 1

Even though I have read many of King’s books many, many times, there is still a thrill in the re-read.  I feel like I’ve come home, and everything is just as I have left it.  I know where the TV is (although the remote is still a pesky little bitch and insists on hiding from me).  My key fits in the lock even after all this time, and the door opens up for me, even after all these years.  I can wander into the kitchen for a midnight snack, and not feel like an interloper.  Indeed, reading a Stephen King brings a literary kind of cozy, much like curling up on the couch with a warm blanket and furry friend.

critters 1 009

So, one Stephen King book per month for 2016.  Actually, let’s change that to at least one.  After all, why should I limit myself?  Yeah, I shouldn’t limit myself, not at all!  Nobody should, especially when there is a plethora of books to read and review!  Yay for New Year’s Resolutions, Calvin!


So, this is the last post of 2015…sniff…wait a minute, 2016 is mere hours away, hope you aren’t too heartbroken by my absence!  Happy New Year’s to both  all my readers, and may 2016 be an adventure for you as well!