American Gods: Season 1, Episode 8 Recap and Review

Unfortunately, good things have to end.  They can never last forever.

Good meals, good vacations, good sex…

And good television shows end as well.  Well, at least for the season.

This weekend, I experienced one of these endings.  Actually, I experienced an ending to a few of the above mentioned things, although only one of them is a relevant blog topic.

In other words, I watched the last episode of the season for American Gods last night.

Yep, sniff, gulp.  The last episode.

Now, I may get to experience a *good meal* or two between now and next spring, but I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that I will probably not see a new episode of American Gods for almost another full year.

But, I feel an empty spot in my heart already.  There is now a free hour on Sundays that I will have to fill with something else.

Whatever that something else, it won’t be American Gods.  And that is a weird feeling, almost like I am missing a tooth or something, like my favorite technical douche…

But, even though it was the last episode, it was still a blast.  I mean, go big or go home, right?  Well, American Gods chose the former.  And it did the “going big” part really well.

The season finale, titled Come to Jesus, was everything a season finale should be:  it advanced the story arc, introduced potential future story arcs, introduced new characters and ended on a bit of a cliffhanger.

Perfect, in other words, just like most of the rest of the season.

So, come join me one last time (at least until next spring), as we review and dissect Come to Jesus.

And, as always:

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Man Crush Monday for 4/6/15

Good morning, everyone and I hope you had a great Easter weekend, and managed to keep that bunny creature at bay!

scary Easter bunny

But the holiday is over, and back to work for me…that can only mean one thing.

Yep, its Monday.  And its now time for Man Crush Monday, since we have to find something to keep the day that is otherwise known as the weekend’s ugly sister bearable!


So, I know its probably bad for me, but I kind of like guys that are a little bit troubled.  Not a bad boy per se, but ones that come with a little baggage.

I don’t know, maybe its because I have so much baggage, maybe I am looking for someone to complement the set of bags I have been carrying for so long.

Someone like this guy…

Jax 1

Yes, my name is Leah and I have spent the past three weeks or so watching Sons of Anarchy.  No make, that binge-watching Sons of Anarchy.  Well, actually, shamelessly binge-watching Sons of Anarchy to the complete neglect of almost everything else one may do on a Sunday afternoon (just kidding on that last part…maybe).  In fact, my obsession with the show is kind of reminding me of this guy’s obsession…

Roland and David

Yes, it is that bad.  And no, I will not seek help.  Never.

But it is ok, as Sons of Anarchy has caught a lot of people’s attention.


Including this guy’s attention!  Yep, good old Uncle Stevie is also apparently another fanatic and neglects everything to watch this fantastic show!


Well, probably not really…I don’t think he has been neglecting writing books, since he has written a few since the show has aired.


Although Mr. King did find time to guest star in a episode as a character named Bachman (I see what you did there, Kurt Sutter) aka The Cleaner.  And no, he wasn’t cleaning meteor shit!

Jordy Verrill


And Kurt Sutter (it seems) has even given Mr. King a nod, by titling an episode “Gilead.”  I am sure Roland would actually have respect for Jax and his band ka-tet of gunslingers, although I don’t think there would be any kind of collaboration (thankfully).

Roland 1


And like almost any part of popular culture, Sons of Anarchy has made its way into the Stephen King universe.

In fact, its linked to none other than the subject of today’s Man Crush Monday!


Yes, I present to you…Danny Torrance!

Oh yes, the redrum kid from The Shining is this week’s Man Crush Monday subject.  Of course, in the book Dr. Sleep, Danny is no longer a child.  And apparently, he grew up to look like Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy…who’d have thunk it?


And Danny is troubled.  Maybe not to the degree of Jax Teller, but he is troubled.  Seems an alcoholic dad and spending a winter in a really scary, haunted hotel will do that to a guy!



So, here you go ladies, I give you Danny Torrence…you are welcome!


Full name:  Daniel Anthony Torrance.  Is also know as “Dr. Sleep.”  Prefers to be called Dan by family and friends.

Profession:  Official title is orderly.  However, his true occupation involves helping people make a journey of sorts.  And if you have to hire him to help you make this journey, you are in a bad way!

Family:  Wendy Torrance (d) Mother.

Jack Torrance (d) Father.  Unfortunate things happen when one doesn’t check the pressure on the boilers in hotels, especially when said hotel is haunted.

Dick Halloran (d)  Is not technically family, but is one of the few that never truly abandoned our troubled friend, even in death.

Friends:  Alcoholics Anonymous community.  Yes, we said he was troubled.  See section on father.

Azzie:  Every doc needs an assistant, and sometimes these assistants are of the feline variety.  However, if this particular assistant comes calling on you…well, just see the last sentence in the “Profession” section of this bio!

Tony:  Our friends from childhood are never far from us, and Tony is a great example of this.  And sometimes, these friends will pass their love to the next generation.

Abra Stone:  Sometimes, friends become your family…literally.

Enemies: He does not have enemies to the extent of someone like Jax Teller, but Dan Torrance does have a few enemies.

Rose the Hat:  Death is scary.  Death is not fun.  But why deal with death when you can suck the life force out of kids who have more than enough of it to go around?  In other words, kids who shine!  Apparently, evil, haunted hotels are not the only entities who demand loads of psychic energy.  Quasi immortal women who travel the country in RV’s with their friends whipping boys and girls  are also apparently in the market for this commodity.  In fact, this group’s need for this particular kind of energy literally makes the members sick.

Woman in Room 237:  See above section on Tony.  Sometimes, our childhood ghosts never leave us, and remain alive and well.  And sometimes, you just need to box all that stuff up and store it some place where it is not in the way.

Rose the Hat

So there you have it, folks…Dan Torrence, all growed up!  Red rum is a thing of the past, but that’s what happens when you stop drinking and finally confront those awful demons.  Dan is single as they come, and would probably be a pretty cool date.  However, I don’t think he would be too crazy about camping, especially if you insist on a RV!

Tune in next week for more Man Crush Monday, where we pine over more unavailable (but yummy) men!